Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

...or in this case, a white St. Patrick's Day! Ha ha! We are seriously below normal for our snowfall this winter. In fact, it's approximately 4 feet below normal. For snow lovers like me, it's been a disappointing winter. But today, at last, we got a snow day and all of the schools closed. So far we've had 6" and counting. It won't change our snow deficit by much, but it sure did make for a relaxing day. I slept in until 8, sat by the window and watched the snow fall during breakfast, knit for awhile on the bunny hat I'm making Emma for Easter, took a shower and put on fresh pajamas. Heaven! Anyway, here a few pics of the today's snow.
And for those of you who have never witnessed the awesome wonder of falling snow, here's a little peek. (The snow was blowing a bit, hence the snow flakes on the camera lens.)
Okay, Mom, I know you really wanted to see photos of Emma! I am uploading them now and PROMISE a post tomorrow! Really, I DO!!!

My sweetheart just asked me out on a date, so I guess I'd better put change out of my pajamas and put on some make-up. Then I get to walk in the snow! Yea!

See ya tomorrow!


Christy Lynn said...

She's alive!!! I was starting to get worried about you, my friend. Hope that everything is going well and that you enjoy your snow. I'm enjoying the part where I don't have too much longer to be geographically single...Ree's coming home in a few days! Woohoo!!

arlene said...

Hey lady - Hope you had a wonderful trip. I too am waiting for pictures. Lucky you, all we got was rain, rain & more rain. Though last weekend we were up in NH & it snowed so I too had my little fix.

Thank you, thank you for the birthday gift. Love Emma's choice and yes I did get the rest of it while we were away.

Talk to you soon!