Friday, March 2, 2012

The Celebration Begins

 In lieu of the traditional "Spring Break" in March, New England schools are off for one week in February and one in April. It just so happens that Emma's birthday usually falls during this week, so the lucky little princess gets to spend her birthday with her mommy. Last week, we decided to tag along with Rick on his business trip to Los Angeles so that we could visit family and friends. Right before we left, a box from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Dave arrived. Not only did Emma receive a Tinkerbell tent (which see loves and has set up in her bedroom at home), but she also received a "bouncer ball." I had one of these when I was a kid. I think they were called "Hippity Hops" back then. Does anyone else remember them? I'm sure my mama does. She told me a kazillion times not to bounce on it inside the house! 
Emma was sooooo excited to head to the airport. She even carried her own luggage. 
Emma is still charmed by flying. Me? Not so much. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic, especially when I have to sit next to a particularly large man who recently played basketball but did't have time to shower before he boarded the plane. (A girl would never do that. Just sayin'.)  Sorry, dude, but there isn't enough Old Spice in the world to mask your sweat. And when the thighs and shoulders of said traveler encroach upon my space, I just about lose it. Hey, it's bad enough to make my own sweat stains on my own shirt. But when a stranger's sweat stains my shirt, the only possible response is "EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!" And then I realize that we haven't even taken off and I have six more hours of being trapped next to this guy. So not fun. The only thing worse is needing to use the bathroom on an airplane. I always seem to be in line behind a man. Usually a well-dressed and presumably well-mannered man. So imagine my puzzlement and disgust when I find the seat left up and, well, the results of poor aim. I am soooooooo tempted to stick my head out the door and shout, "EXCUUUUUUUSE YOU! Are you not potty trained? Did your mama not teach you ANY manners? Come back here and clean up after yourself!" I am confident that all of the female passengers would applaud my heroic outburst made on behalf on all women. I'm also confident that I would be tackled by a plain-clothed U.S. Air Marshall. And it would so serve me right if that Air Marshall turned out to be the sweaty basketball dude sitting next to me.

Do not fear, my faithful peeps, I did not get arrested. In fact, we had a wonderful flight. Rick travels a lot (at least 100,00 miles per year), so when we travel with him, we get to partake in the perks that come with his status: shorter check-in lines, shorter security lines, shorter wait times on retrieving luggage, additional luggage at no cost, etc. This time, we were fortunate enough to be bumped up to first class. What a treat! Emma called it the "Princess Flight," and she was right. Her favorite part was the ice cream sundae cart. Yup, they brought each of us a dish of vanilla ice cream and them topped it with anything you wanted. Emma, of course, got everything. And since she was sooooooo good on the flight, the flight attendants thought she was adorable and kept bringing her maraschino cherries which totally made her day. Anyway, after a long day of travel and a good night's sleep, we went to my mama's house.

My mom has had this sofa for almost as long as I have been alive. I'm sad to say that the sofa is in much better shape than am I! Perhaps I should have covered myself with plastic covers for 40 years. Seriously, I should have! My parents had custom made, translucent plastic covers for the sofas and chairs. Growing up, my brothers and I endlessly teased my mom about those plastic covers. Ok, even as adults we teased her. We hated them in the summer because when we wore shorts the backs of our legs would stick to the covers and standing up again wasn't easy! In fact, if I close my eyes I can still here the sound of my legs being pulled off of the plastic. LOL The covers have been gone for 10 or so years now, and I must admit that the furniture looks pretty darn good. Guess the saying is true: mother knows best. So, mama, sorry for picking on your plastic covers! Anyway, here's Emma sitting on the family room sofa. She looks exactly how Brittany looked at 5, and almost exactly as I looked at 5. 
The next day, we were back at my mama's.The weather was hot for us (70's, which made us all want shorts and t-shorts, though everybody in CA thought 70 was cold, haha). My mom has a pretty large backyard which Emma throughly enjoyed. I couldn't decide which of these I liked the best, so I'll just post all of them. I'm sure my mama won't mind.
Next we headed to my baby brother's house. Mark's only two years younger than me (so not quite as old as dirt as I am, nor older than dirt as my older brother, Dave, is haha). Mark and his wife, Nicole, have two toddlers. Camryn is 34 months old and Ashton is 16 months old. Emma and Camryn were glued at the hip.
And here's Mr. Ashton. Aren't Mark and Nicole's kids beeyootiful? And they're soooooo sweet! Ashton really liked Rick and Brittany.
The next day, we were back at my mama's house. Emma had fun showing us her "chicken dance." LOL
Followed by her dance recital.
My mama even surprised Emma with birthday cupcakes! (Try to ignore the singing. We are so bad at singing. In fact. you might want to turn the volume waaayyyyy down on your computer before you push play.) favorite girls!
That's it for today. Up next: some Disneyland pics. TGIF!

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One time during a fitness class, the teacher had us bounce on those big giant balls for a solid's definitely a workout! And now I want a cupcake ;)