Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cason's Baby Book

Since I haven't posted anything crafty lately, I thought I'd post the most recent baby book I made. My totally sweet and awesome friend, Lesly, is going to become a grandma any day now. When I met Lesly, Stephanie was only 12. I can't believe she's all grown up and is a mommy! She knows she is having a boy and his name is Cason. It's a cool name, huh? It's her dad's middle name, which also happens to be his mother's maiden name. Anyway, she and Gabe are decorating his room with a Noah's Ark theme, so of course I had to try to make the book match.These are the front and back covers.
Steph's baby shower had a color theme: blue with white polka dots and brown. So I made her shower pages and card to match the theme. I love this Bella stamp. It's so much fun to pop the prego belly up to make it 3D. At the she time, I hate this Bella stamp because I never, ever, EVER looked this cute and fashionable when I was pregnant! LOL (In fact, when I was pregnant with Brittany, all of the maternity clothes were nautical. By that I mean navy blue, with white anchors and gold anchor buttons. Sooooooooo NOT me!)
These pages are for the guests to sign their names and/or write little messages. I gave Steph some white pens to use.
Cason's nursery is brown, blue, and green. Love the little bears on the paper!
Even though this book is for a boy, I found a way to sneak some purple in, ha ha. Everybody knows that purple and Easter go together. And purple and Valentine's Day. Purple and Halloween. Purple and Thanksgiving. Even purple and Christmas. In fact, purple makes everything better. Kinda like m&m's. I wonder why there aren't any purple m&m's. Can you imagine how deliriously happy they would make me? Hmm. I need to email somebody about that. But I digress...
Love these cutesy stamps!
Since Steph and Gabe live in CA, I thought they'd need some beachy pages.
These are the same layouts I did for Sophia's book.
See? I told you purple goes with Halloween. And Thanksgiving. :)
Steph and Gabe are huge (that is not a reference to Steph's belly, hee hee) football fans, so I thought I'd use a footbally theme for Cason's 1st birthday. 
And since I am learning to knit, I made a little football hat for Cason. This is a totally awful and out-of-focus photo, and I didn't check it before I gave them the hat. But you'll get the idea.
So get this: it's going to be in the 80s here today and tomorrow! Unbeievable! It shouldn't be 80 here until June. But it's all good~I've been dying to play on the swings and with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. One of the best things about being a grandma is that I get to act like I'm 10 and none of my neighbors will call social services. At least I hope not!

Happy Spring!

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Christy Lynn said...

The book looks totally fabulous, Miss Vicki! Way to go! That football hat is pretty darned cute too. I have a girl cousin named Kayson; she's got sibs named Madison and Mason, plus another cousin named Hudson, something about that end of the family they like names ending in -son, my mom was commenting on that the other day. I've had purple M&Ms before too...they have a thing now where you can order M&Ms any color you want for like wedding favors, so my friend Melissa did that when she married her husband Mike (M & M...). I think it's expensive to do though. Hey, those Cadbury mini eggs come in a purple bag, does that count?