Tuesday, March 6, 2012

California Adventure

So back to our CA trip. None of us had ever been to California Adventure. You can see that Emma was ready from the get-go. 
I love this photo because of my girls' shadows. And BTW, Christy, I guess that your mom isn't the only mom to take butt photos, ha ha!
I discovered another fortunate, yet makes-me-feel-old, advantage of being a grandma: I no longer have to accompany kids on any "I-think-I'm-gonna-lose-my-lunch" rides. I LOVE roller coasters, but I'm so not a fan of rides that spin in circles or bounce up and down or move backwards, thankyouverymuch. So I've become the self-designated "I'll-just-sit-here-and-keep-this-bench-company-while-I-take-photos" old person. Ha ha!
Check out this ferris wheel! It kind of looks like a giant magnetic gyro wheel that I had as a kid. Each car would swing back and forth as it made the giant loop. So not a ride for me!
Emma, of course, was thrilled to meet Jesse and Woody!
I think Ashton was just as happy to hang with Emma.
This is why I love Disney. Check out how happy the kids are!
The big kids were happy, too!
This ride is based on "A Bug's Life." It was soooo cute! This is Heimlech, a caterpillar who eats a LOT.
Camryn thought it was a roller coaster (which it wasn't), so she put her ams up. How cute is that?
Along the ride, we saw a lot of giant-sized food for Heimlech: giant waffles, a giant cupcake, giant fruits and veggies, etc. As the ride ends, Heimlech lefts out a LOUD burp. I asked Emma about her favorite part of the ride. Her answer? The burp! LOL

Happy Tuesday!

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Christy Lynn said...

You know the Alice in Wonderland ride in Fantasyland? In the kids part where NONE of the rides are scary? When I was in high school, we went there and my brother Adam and I went on allllll those "little kid" rides and pretended they were roller coasters. The Alice on spits you out of the building about 8 feet up off the ground and you gradually ride back to ground level, and the whole time we're acting like it's a terrifying roller coaster, to the consternation of all the people in the line. Ha! There's one fantastic roller coaster at California Adventure that has ONE loop, it's the only loopy one I'll go on. Looks like you had a great time!!