Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Hot Mama!

I received this e-mail yesterday: "MARK TWAIN'S HOUSE BURNED DOWN!!!!! Can You Guess Who Sent This???????" And yes, I counted the exclamation points and question marks. So, can you guess? Yup, it was from my mama. Apparently a week between blog posts is completely unacceptable. I keep telling her that she should move next door to me. That way, she'd have daily access to Emma and wouldn't need to read my blog. Maybe someday I'll convince her.

In the meantime, here's the deal-io: health issues, enough said. I'll spare you the nitty gritty. It's nothing new, just another twist with something I've had for years. No big deal, but I do tend to get quiet when it strikes. Anyway, I hadn't spoken with my mom all week, so in her defense, she didn't know I've been under the weather when she typed all of those exclamation points. Now that I've told her, I expect to get an e-mail with about a kazillion exclamation points because I hadn't shared the scoop with her. Well, she is my mama, so I suppose I deserve them. 

My sweet mama's birthday was last Friday. I had wanted to wish her a happy birthday on my blog, but in addition to being a medical mystery, I also seem to have a knack for killing computers. If you know me well, you are aware that I am a complete technology geek. If Apple builds it, I will buy it. I am attached to my techie gadgets. I have a relationship with them. My entire life is on them, including my ginormous photo libraries.So having one of them die is akin to having a heart attack. Rick nearly needed a defibrillator to resuscitate me. 

At any rate, I wasn't able to gather all of the photos I had wanted to post here, so this small array will have to do. Since I talk about my mama so much on this blog, I thought I'd share her with you. By the way, her name is Victoria. She was named after her father, Victor (whom I adored). And I was named after her (whom I also adore). If only I could be as glamorous as is she!

She is soooooooo gonna kill me, but this is her in high school. I am pretty sure that the boys who saw her in this little outfit were thinking, "One hot mama" with a million exclamation points! Let me just say that when I wore a skin tight bikini in high school, she was soooooooo not happy. Kinda like the pot calling out the kettle, don't you think? Just sayin'...
These photos are from the mid-1950's. I think she was 20 or 21. Gorgeous, huh? And check out how fashionable she was!
Her she is with my dad, Bill, and his mother, Mary. It was probably in the late 1950's. This was taken at a famous restaurant in CA, I think in Beverly Hills. Hollywood stars had nothin' on my parents, did they?
Here's my mama with my brother Dave. This was taken in the late 1960's, I think. Just a thought: why was she able to walk on grass in heels? White heels no less! Every time I have tried to walk on grass while wearing heels, my heels have sunk all the way down into the dirt. I've even broken heels off of shoes while walking on grass. Apparently I did not inherit her finesse. Boo hoo.
Here are my parents on their 25th anniversary in 1982. Check out her ensemble: 45 and still wearing a skirt with a slit! You go, girl!  
Here I am with my parents in 1983. Still stunning, weren't they?
Mama met Miss Emma in 2007. Here she is with her girls.
Here I am with my mama in 2009.
This was taken on my mama's 75th birthday. Those are my handsome brothers, Mark and Dave. 
Her she is with her boyfriend, Hal (whom we all love) in 2010. 
This is seriously one of my favorite photos of her! She totally rocked out on my brother's guitar. I have video, but I am pretty sure she really would kill me if I posted it!
Now, I want to know how she looks better at 77 than I do at 49! Seriously, I want her secret. I need her secret. Maybe if I threaten to withhold photos of Emma, she'll spill the beans! LOL

And since I'll be getting a boatload of exclamation points from her if I don't include at least one photo of Emma in this post, here's my little sidekick and partner in all things silly.
Emma couldn't resist wearing her mommy's hat on top of hers. I love the fact that she is as goofy as I am!

Happy belated birthday, mama! I love you!

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Christy Lynn said...

I've been slow and quiet in blogland too but my mom emails me every day and gets antsy if I don't respond to her immediately so she knows I'm not dead :) Hope you're feeling better soon!