Friday, February 10, 2012

Odds and Ends

I know you will find this preposterous, but I really don't have much to say even after a week of bloggy silence. Hmm...let me think. Oh, I started a new med and it made me sick. I spent three days on the couch feeling like Dorothy must have felt while her house was spinning in circles. Needless to say, I stopped taking it. Then our plumbing backed up. This happened once before and it cost $500 to have a plumber clear the pipes. So this time Rick decided to do it himself. He bought a long snake for $60 and tried that for awhile. He decided he needed the power snake for $300. It worked, but only after six~yes SIX~hours of working it! And that's not the worst part. The smell wasn't even the worst part. The mucky, BLECHY sewage was the worst part. Suffice it to say that Rick had to throw away his clothes and shoes. Suddenly $500 for a plumber sounded like a bargain. Now I bet you are wishing I just kept quiet, huh? LOL 

I know my mama needs her fix, so her are a few odds-and-ends-photos for her. The first three photos are from New Year's Day. My brother and SIL, Dave and Kristin, gave Emma a 3-D version of Candyland. Emma loves it! Here she is playing it with Uncle Keaton.
Emma asked me to take a photo of her snuggling Tiffany. So this one's for Emma. Of course I think that every photo of Emma is adorable. But doggy eyes in photos totally creep me out.
I can't remember if I already posted this photo or not. I could go back and look at my older posts, but it's early and I'm lazy and I haven't yet had my two cups of coffee. So here it is anyway. The Museum of Science in Boston has a butterfly room. A butterfly tried to hitch a ride on Emma's head. Look right above her ponytail. 
Emma wants me to post this one for Great Grandma Scott. Wylie got a bath and a haircut at Petco, and they sent him home with a Valentine's Day bandana. It lasted a day and then he was so over it, which made Emma sad because she thought it was sooooooo cute.
 Emma and Brittany made these chocolate Rick Krispies treats for the Super Bowl. It cracks me up that Emma put peanut M&Ms on top of them. I like the way that girl thinks!
That's it for this morning. I need to finish a baby book so off I go. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

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