Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Mark Twain House

I know you already know this, but I am a total nerd. I love museums of any kind. I am the really annoying person who must stop and not only read every single display, sign, plaque, etc., but actually stand before it and let it soak into my tiny little brain. If I peruse such places on a tour, I simply must buy a book about it at the gift shop so that I am sure that the tour guide didn't omit anything or, in some cases, didn't give me any incorrect data (which has happened on more than one occasion). So when my boys asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told them I would love to see the Mark Twain house. Not only had I never been there, but I was excited to have a date with my handsome sons.

So off we went to Hartford, CT. Indoor photographs were forbidden, but I got some very cool shots of the exterior. Oh, and this one was taken in the Visitor Center. It is Mark Twain made out of Legos! How completely awesome is this?!!
Isn't this house pretty? I think I could live there. :)

Right next door is the Harriet Beecher Stowe house. We didn't have enough time to go there, which means I need to go back and tour both homes. 
If you want the scoop on the Mark Twain house, click here.

My sweet boys also took me out for a very nice lunch. What a wonderful gift! 


Lori said...

No wonder we get along so well. I am such a nerd about that kind of stuff and yes, I buy the book too. LOL. We have to go to the Smithsonean together. I was driving Bill crazy having to view every little detail in the History museum. LOL. And, on a deeper note, I want to do the Holocaust museum. Bill, wouldn't have any part in it, so I bought some great books. When we went to the Grand Canyon, I had to buy the book "Over the Edge" about how people died in the canyon. Or if we are in a town that has ghosts, I have to buy the books too. Totally nerdy, just like you, my beloved.

Christy Lynn said...

I think I'm a nerd *and* a geek ;) That IS a really beautiful house! When can we move in? I'm with you on museums, I love 'em...which is why I pick those to go see in London a lot of the time when we visit. Though if you wanted to read every plaque at the British Museum, you'd have to move in for several years at least--that place is massive. They have LOTS of books though so you can buy books for all the stuff you don't have time to go see when you're there ;)