Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!

I am waaaayyyyyyyy behind with my blogging. I'm surprised I haven't seen a Saint Bernard lurking nearby, as I expected my mama to call the Search & Rescue team by now. Everything's mostly fine, except that Emma is sick again. This time, it went into an ear infection for her and icky head colds for the rest of us. She loves school, but those little friends of hers sure do love sharing their germs with one another. Would it be wrong and pathetically germaphobic of me to send her to school with a little painter's mask? Yea, yea, yea, that's what I thought. Can't blame me for trying!

Kleenex consumption aside, Rick did enjoy his birthday. A few hours before these photos were taken, we attended Emma's first dance recital, which is why she's wearing make-up. (The ear infection didn't hit until Monday.)
Love her little profile! And didja notice the snowflake earrings? At the recital, she danced to "Suzy Snowflake." So stinkin' cute! But I digress.
Every year since the kids were little (I'm talking 20+ years), the kids have made Rick a calendar  for his birthday. They illustrated them by hand until they were too old to think that was cool. Then Brittany started making them on a computer using photos from the correlating months of the previous year. Next year, Emma wants to illustrate it herself. Can't wait to see that! Anyway, Ricks always has the current one hanging in his office at work. 
Here's the best part: Rick still has every single calendar! Is that sweet or what?! Yes, Rick may share his birthday with The King of Rock (Elvis Presley), but MY guy is DA BOMB! (Mom, that means that Rick is THE MAN!)

Next up: Emma's dance recital.

Happy Wednesday!

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