Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day

I know the suspense is killing you. You NEED to know if Santa managed to get that Barbie house down the chimney. Well, Miss Emma was correct: Santa did know how to squeeze it  down the chimney. TA DA!
 In our house, Santa even remembers the doglets. Here are Indy...
 ...and Wylie...
 and Tiffany.
 Santa left Emma a special Christmas bell. If you've seen or read The Polar Express, you'll know exactly what this is.
 Uncle Keaton loved playing Calico Critters with Emma.
 Though I think the ginormous lego set that Santa left for Rick was more to his liking. 
It's the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Seriously, Emma is the most adorable grandchild in the history of grandchildren! Just sayin'.
 We've enjoyed multiple Wii Dr. Mario tournaments. I'm talking old Dr. Mario as in 1980s. The kids loved that game when they were little. In fact, they still do. Even Miss Emma wanted in on the fun!
 Keaton's girlfriend, Tina, stopped by for awhile
 and gave Miss Emma a Mulan "squishy doll." Check out the look of adoration on Emma's face!
 Remember the illustrations Emma made for her uncles? Well, she made one for Tina, too. It depicts Emma and Tina decorating the Christmas tree.
That's it for today. Miss Emma will be here any minute. She'll be sad that Uncle Brennan just left. I'm pretty sad about it, too. Guess we'll need to stay in our jammiees, snuggle up on the couch, and play some Dr. Mario!


Christy Lynn said...

Ok, so how many more princesses until Miss Emma has a complete set of squishy dolls? Lucky her! I like the Barbie adaptations of the Disney princesses myself, but don't have any (and my little Barbie collection has been in storage for four years now). Had to laugh at the Dr. Mario tournament--that was the *only* video game I could *ever* beat my brother at, barring perhaps Wheel of Fortune! I still love it and have it on our Wii too, and sometimes I can get Lee to play with me but he gets kind of cranky if I win too often ;) Not his game, haha. That Lego Black Pearl is pretty darn cool too!!

arlene said...

Glad to see Santa made it down the chimney with the Barbie house ok. Emma looks sooooo happy, as does everyone else. I believe I actually may still have a Barbie or 2 at my parents house. My favorite was Barbie's airplane. That was what must have leaned me towards all my traveling ways.

As for a Wii tournament, I don't even know how to turn the darn thing on. Though once it's on I'm game. And BTW one is NEVER too old for an awesome Lego set.