Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowman Soup

Hey, mama~another post for you from Emma. She made Snowman Soup at a kids' cooking class.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Run Run as Fast as You Can...

You'll never catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!
I ran from the baker and his wife, too.
You'll never catch me, not any of you!
Yes, it is a Rudolph themed gingerbread house. This is supposed to be the Abominable Snowman. He's making a snow angel. Isn't he supposed to be white? Oh well, that's what you get for a $12 kit! (I used to painstakingly bake all of the pieces myself. I was stupid. WAY too much work!)
Emma made this tree all by herself. Prettiest tree EVER, I say!
We also made some ginormous gingerbread cookies (also from a kit).
Lots of photos, no blah-blah-blahing. But at least my mama will be happy!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The List is Getting Shorter...

Yup, I've been horribly neglectful of my blog. The good news is that I have almost finished my mile-long To Do List. I'm talking 5 Christmas stockings, Christmas cards, painting bedrooms, disassembling four bedrooms so that they could be recarpeted and then reassembling them, packaging gifts to be mailed, yada, yada, yada. Hopefully I will be all caught by tomorrow and then I can get back to blogging. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying this blessed season.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for the Laughter

I never got around to making Thanksgiving cards this year. My bad. However, I know what will make my mama happier than a card: a post all about Emma. She particularly likes the "Emmaisms" So here you are, mama!

Rick and Emma were playing in the basement. Apparently Rick was a genie granting wishes. Wanna know Emma's wishes? 1. That she could be a real, live princess! (Shocked, aren't you?) 2. That all unhealthy foods (candy bars in particular) would be healthy foods. 3. That there wouldn't be any wars. Then she added, "And genies should have moms to teach them the rules!"Apparently Papa wasn't a well-behaved genie, LOL.

Emma would like to be a teacher because then she could talk as much as she wants to and could make ALL of the rules.

"Mommy, the more cookies you let me eat, the sweeter I'll be." See, Christy? It's okay to love cookies!

One weekend, when Brittany asked Emma to clean her room, Emma replied, "Could I please see the rule book?" HA HA HA HA HA! Brittany, good luck with this when's she's 15.

One morning, during one of my hot flashes, Emma touched my cheeks and exclaimed, "Giffy! Your cheeks are on fire!" Oh, sweet child, little do you know...

Emma gave mommy a makeover:

Brittany told Emma to clean her room. Emma responded by saying she didn't understand because she was being a baby gorilla. Brittany responded with her best monkey noises and then asked Emma if she understood now. Emma said, "No, Mom. That was more like chimpanzee."

Brittany and Emma were strolling through the mall the day after Halloween. Santa was already there. Exclaimed Emma to her mama, "Come on, people! It's not even Thanksgiving yet!" Apparently she doesn't realize that the Hallmark Store has Christmas on display ALL YEAR LONG.

Emma informed me that she really, REALLY wants to be a REAL, LIVE princess! (Thankfully she doesn't want to be a real dead princess.) I asked her why. Her reply? "Then I could wear fancy, sparkly dresses ever day. I could run through parks singing whenever I want to. I could marry
a sweet, handsome prince. The only thing I wouldn't like about it is having a wicked stepmother. They're mean and not at all pretty. Oh, and I wouldn't like the kissing part with the prince, either." HA HA HA HA HA!

This one was awhile ago, but still hilarious. While taking a shower, Emma commented, "Mommy, how old are you when your chest balloons get blowed up because I really don't want those."

One night in bed, Emma was "tooting." She said, "Mommy, I think I fart stars. They're gas and stars are balls of gas, so I really think I fart stars." So now we call it "making stars." There could be constellations named after her!  While I'm on the subject, why are "stars" so freaking funny to kids? Emma erupts with laughter whenever "stars" are made. When I was teaching, there was nothing like a few "stars" to get the whole class off track. The louder and more odorous the stars, the funnier they became. Emma's gonna have a blast when she's old. She'll making stars all the time without even trying. LOL

I've mentioned that I am learning to speak French. Every day, Emma wants me to teach her to say something. Right now, she loves saying "Je m'appelle Emma" (my name is Emma), "J'aime mon Giffy" (I love my Giffy, though she wishes there was a fancier word for Giffy), "Le garcon est petit" (the boy is small, directed at Papa) and "Le garçon n'as pas de cheveux" (the boy does not have hair, again to Papa). She wishes I knew how to say "making stars" in French.

This may be a repeat post. I can't remember, and it's too good to leave unposted. We chat with the girls over Face Time (Apple's version of Skype, a video chat) before Emma goes to bed. One night she was being silly with her mama as we encouraged her. Brittany said, "Giffy and Papa are trouble!" Gotta love Emma's reply. "No they're not! They're old. Old people are funny!"

Here's a little Thanksgiving story for you, Mom.
I am so thankful for the laughter and joy Miss Emma brings to life. Such a blessed gift is she!

One last Emmaism: "Giffy, today in school we learned about Thanksgiving. We had popcorn, dried cranberries, and cornbread. And we learned all about the pilgrims who came over here on the Cauliflower."

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Present, the Past, Hoping for the Future, and Back to the Present

Okay, I know I've been MIA for a few weeks, but I have good reasons! First, Brittany treated me to An Evening with Amy Grant. It was such an awesome concert! She played so many wonderful songs and hymns. I've been an Amy Grant fan since the mid-1980s. She didn't disappoint me! Thank you, Brittany. 
The weekend following the concert, Rick and I (and by that I mean Rick) installed an organizational system in our master closest. After 10 years, we simply could no longer deal with the mess in our closet. The builder only installed one round of hanging bars with a shelf on top. Consequently, stuff ended up on the floor in piles. So NOT the way I like to live! Rick did a superb job installing everything (yup, my man is da bomb). It then took me D A Y S to put everything back into it. That could, in part, be due to the fact that I repeatedly changed my mind about how I wanted to organize things. I may or may not have done it several times. Suffice it to say that Emma thinks I  love my closet because I spent an awful lot of time in it.

Then I was off to Colorado to visit Robyn. It did my heart and soul good to be there. There's just something about Colorado that moves me. It will aways feel like home even though I've been gone for ten years. We went to Breckenridge for two days. Breck is one of my favorite spots in Colorado. My plan has always been to retire to the mountains of Colorado. I'm still praying that will happen! This was the view from our room when we arrived.
This photo has almost everything I love to photograph: mountains, clouds, tree branches, and water reflections. Add a steeple and Miss Emma and it would be the perfect photo.
When we awoke the next morning, these are the views that greeted us.
This is Dillon Lake. Check out the cool clouds
Oh, be still my soul!
I took this at the Silverthorne Outlet Mall. More mountains, clouds, tree branches, and water reflections.
Here I am with Robyn. Not such a great photo of me, but Robyn sure looks beautiful, as always.
I was just looking through some older photos that I have of us. This is from 2003 when we were teaching together. It was taken right before I moved from Colorado to Massachusetts.
This was taken a few months later when Robyn came to visit me.
This was the summer of 2003. We didn't plan it, but we ended up in Maui at the same time.
A few months later, I returned to Colorado. Brittany was still living there as she attended college, so I went to see her and to celebrate Robyn's 40th birthday.
Anyway, back to this visit to Colorado. We stayed at Robyn's parents' home in Erie. This is a wee part of their backyard. Check out their view!
Robyn's parents, William and Judy, are absolutely the sweetest people I have ever known.  They are kind, gracious, hospitable, generous, and about a million other wonderful things. They have welcomed me into their home numerous times and have always made me feel as if I am part of their family. I admire and appreciate and love them so much. I wish you could know them! As I was perusing the above photos of me and Robyn, I came across this one. This was also taken in 2003 when I ended up in Maui at the same time as Robyn. Rick and I were there to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. You can see us in the back row on the right. Next to us are my brother and SIL, Bill and Lori, who also happened to be in Maui at the same time. Robyn and her hubby, Justin, are in front of us. Next to Robyn are her parents, Judy and William. They all went out to dinner with us to celebrate our anniversary. Just thought you'd like to put some faces to the names.
Okay, looking back at all of these photos makes me miss my long hair. But now I am older and lazier, hence the short hair. So whadya think, peeps~long or short? Leave a comment to let me know. 

Happy almost weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tricks, Treats, and Other Stuff

One Wednesday a month, Emma does not have school while the teacher's attend professional in-service day. Miss Emma and I always do some fun things on these Wednesdays. This time around, we went out for breakfast and then enjoyed pedicures. Emma wanted her toes to look like candy corn. Too stinkin' cute, huh?
She also enjoyed a giant blueberry gum ball. 
As she always does, my SIL Kristin sent Emma a bag full of Halloween treats. Emma knows that packages from Aunt Kristin are always awesome. She becomes quite excited when she sees Kristin's name on a box. She wasn't disappointed.
I spotted a haunted house gingerbread kit at Williams Sonoma. Emma and I had such fun assembling it. Emma's favorite part, of course, was eating the candy as we worked. She loves candy corn. We went through two bags of it. Her mother may not have appreciated it but, as a grandma, it is my DUTY to sugar her up and then send her home, ha ha!
Rick and I are in the midst of redoing our closet. It's a large walk-in closet, but it only had three bars for hanging clothes with one shelf across the top. We (and by "we" I mean Rick) are installing an organizational system. In the meantime, the contents of our closet are spread across our bedroom floor. Emma has had a wonderful time rummaging through some costumes.
Then it was time to carve pumpkins!
Our schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to hurricane Sandy. On Wednesday, the kindergarteners at Emma's school walked in a costume parade. Emma's real costume was Rapunzel's wedding dress, but she didn't want to wear that to school. She was convinced that it would get dirty and ruined, and she was probably right as the ground was a mess from the storm. So she decided to be a kitty for school. Of course she wanted me to take silly photos as usual.  
 She couldn't resist acting like a kitty in the parade. 
 This is Emma's BFF at school who dressed as Rapunzel.
 Brittany let Emma wear makeup with her Rapunzel costume. Emma wanted "up close pictures" of her sparkles. Emma loves sparkles. 
 Here comes the bride!
Every Halloween, we have friends over for a pizza dinner followed by trick-or-treating. This little guy is Dylan, the son of Brittany's friend. Emma and Dylan are best buds. Looks like Spiderman tied the knot!
This one makes me giggle. Emma/Rapunzel looks like she danced all night at her reception with shoes that were killing her so her feet needed a little break. It's tough work being a princess bride!
 These cuties are Emma's upstairs neighbors.
Here's our band of trick-or-treaters. The man is the father of the above girls. Kristin (Dylan's mom, holding her little pumpkin Ethan) in on your right. Tina, Keaton's girlfriend, is on your left.
That was it for this year. It was all pretty low key. Maybe next year Rick and I will dress up, too. Or maybe we'll just be lazy again and steal candy as we pass it out to the kids. Since we are the oldest people on our street, we are determined to be the coolest people on the street. We pass out full size candy bars. We're talking Snickers, Butterfingers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Skittles, Starburst, Kit Kat, Twix, and more. It's impossible for us not to steal one or two of our faves!

Anyway, Emma had been fighting a little cold for two weeks or so. After she went to bed on Halloween night, her cough became pretty intense. She and Brittany were up most of the night. Britt took her to the doctor yesterday. It's just a nasty virus. So Emma is home with me today. We're going to stay in our jammies all day long and have a movie marathon. First up is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Super fun movie! I'll give you one guess who's getting sick now. That's what I get for loving on her all of the time and sharing cups with her. Oh well. Even Emma's germs are cute. :)

Hope you had a happy Halloween!