Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

First, an update on Holly: she was released from the hospital yesterday. She still has double vision (which they expect to be temporary) and will need some physical therapy. They are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the stroke, but for now it looks like she may have Lupus which can cause the blood to thicken and form clots which, as you know, can cause a stroke. She has been cleared to fly back to CA tomorrow with Steve and Lesly. Thank you for your prayers. 

As for Miss Emma, she's still sick, but right now it looks like just a normal head cold with lots of sniffles. 

I am quite sure that my mama is REALLY needing her Emma fix by now! Here's a card that Emma made for us. Yup, I have quite the growing collection. She's turning into quite the little card maker.
 I know~aaaawwwww! Is it any wonder that I am completely smitten with her?
Here she is squeezing the breath out of Uncle Brennan...
 and decorating the tree with him.
Remember the "Countdown 'Til Christmas" boxes from last year? Yup, I did them again this year. She said she loves the "Emma-Giffy traditions" of the boxes...
and the gingerbread houses. Guess I'll be sticking with them! As if I wouldn't have anyway. It's my JOB, my familial DUTY to spoil her! Really, it is. Just look up "Giffy" in the dictionary and you'll see! 
Every year, I do a lot of cookie and candy making and send the goodies to work with Rick. Here's my loyal baking sidekick.
Keaton's girlfriend, Tina, just returned from Spain and brought Emma a flamenco dancer dress. Emma immediately put it on and insisted on sleeping it and is still wearing it! And did you notice that it looks like a ladybug? Cute!!!
I love learning to do new things. Right now, I am learning to knit. (Yup, I'm a grandma so I'm required to knit, lol). Tina's mom, Mari, is teaching me. I've made some simple and not very good scarves, but I want to learn to do harder things. So I started out by making this hat for Emma. She loves it. Me? Not so much. I see every mistake I made and they really, really, REALLY bug me. I finally decided it's good enough for my first project and I learned a lot of things making it (how to change colors, how to use circular needles, how to decrease stitches, how to purl stitch, etc.). And let's face it: it's a hat for a 4-year-old which means that this cat won't have anywhere close to nine lives. Since I've already robbed this kitty of three or four lives as I repeatedly ripped and reattached new sets of ears, I figure she'll possibly last through the winter and that'll be all this cat meowed. 
I am going to keep on practicing with hats because they're easy and quick and maybe, just maybe, I'll improve. Then I want to make a spring sweater for Emma. We'll see if I ever get there.

 Anyway, I'm off to bake with Emma. Keaton comes home tonight. Christmas is almost here and I'll be one happy mama with all of my kids here letting me hug them until they're afraid I'll never let go! 

Happy Friday!

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Christy Lynn said...

Miss Vicki, I'm glad that your friend is doing better right now. Praying that the doctors find all the answers soon!

Looks like your Christmas preparations are well under way...I'm just now starting to think about Christmas baking. Hmm. I have like a dozen Godzilla-size cans of pumpkin in my cupboard but it would take me forever to bake cookies in my Barbie-size oven so maybe pumpkin bread would be a better answer...

Emma's hat looks way cute, don't be so hard on yourself about the knitting! That said, I know what you mean--I totally see all the mess-ups when I make anything, or things I wish I'd done differently or whatever. We are each our own harshest critic, yes?