Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve, Part One

Okay, Mama~here are some Christmas Eve photos and videos as promised.

After the I-cannot-believe-my-car-died-on-the-way-to-church-on Christmas-Eve debacle, we ate dinner and then moved on to opening gifts. Rick and I both grew up opening our family gifts on Christmas Eve, followed by unwrapped presents from Santa on Christmas morning. We continued that tradition with our kids. Keep in mind that Emma is the first great-grandchild and great-niece on both sides of our family. That makes for one ginormous pile of gifts for Miss Emma. It is so much fun watching her open her gifts with such excitement. It's even more fun to see how much she enjoys thinking of and giving gifts to others. She is such a sweetie!

We always let Emma choose something special to give to her mommy. This year, she chose a silver heart locket into which we put a picture of Emma as a newborn as well as a current photo. I really think she had anticipated her mommy's reaction even more than she had anticipated Santa's arrival. In fact, she told Mommy that now she can always wear Emma right next to her heart. Mommy, of course, loves it! Go on, say it. You know you want to: aaaaawwwwwww!!! 
Emma loves the Disney princesses, so she also gave Mommy a Belle ornament.
Emma has been begging--and I do mean begging--her mommy for a puppy. Her mommy is not keen on the idea while they live in an apartment. So what's the next best thing? A stuffed puppy for her Bitty Baby doll! Sugar (the puppy) even has a little snow sled and reindeer hat! (Thank you Aunt Lori and Uncle Bill!)
Tiffany really wanted the ribbon on this box.
A dear friend, John Dawson, always gives Emma a Christmas and birthday gift. John is seriously one of the kindest people I have ever met. For Christmas, John and his family gave Emma this beautiful dress. Emma wanted to model it without changing. Love her arms!
Emma and Brittany gave me a two-part gift. Emma was sooooo excited to give them to me. First up was the Pandora angel charm which I love.
The 989th kiss I stole that day. 
The second part was my very own ice-skating Barbie in a purple skating dress! Okay, I received my last Barbie 40 years ago. Can I just say that I am sooooooooooooooooo beyond thrilled? And yes, I opened it and played with her. And yes, I have played with her every day since. I never, ever, EVER intend to grow up!
Speaking of Barbie, my mom sent this dance teacher and student set to Emma. Emma is taking a dance class and loves it! She pretends that these are her and Miss Suzanne. 
For her uncles, Emma drew pictures depicting her with each of them. For Keaton, she drew the two of them playing in the snow. She even drew a top hat on Keaton! For Brennan, she drew the two of them in the house posing for me to take their photo. It even says, "Smile!" Do you think that means I take too many photos? NOT!
Have I mentioned that Emma loves the Disney princesses? Emma loves to play with her princess dolls with Papa, especially with Rapunzel. She insists that Papa have a favorite character, so he chooses Maximus (the horse from Tangled). So Papa had to get his very own, very special gift for his little princess: a stuffed Maximus.
Uncle Brennan gave Emma a Jungle Veterinarian Barbie set. I asked her what she thought and she gave me a thumbs-up. I guess she loves it, as if there was ever any doubt.
Ok, Christy, about that "squishy" doll: that's what Miss Emma calls these plush Disney princess dolls. In her opinion, they're squishy, hence the name. She asked Santa for an Aurora squishy doll, which Keaton got for her. It was so cute when she opened it. She announced to all of us that she might have twin Aurora squishy dolls because she had asked Santa for one. Uncle Keaton assured her that Santa knows what kids get from their families so she needn't be worried. :)
Keaton also gave her a fan that he brought from Spain. She was concentrating so hard on holding it just right that she couldn't smile, too.
This is the "not squishy" Rapunzel doll that we gave her. She was so excited!
Yes, my boys are grown men yet they still love to act like they're ten and I wouldn't change it even if I could. Brennan was teasing Rick about the fire billower that he had bought. So Keaton decided to billow Brennan.
And billow him and billow him and billow him some more.
Then Keaton had some fun playing with my camera. LOL
The boys gave me a great gift: a date with them! (More about that another day.) Rick kept trying to get a photo of the three of us, but we could not get a photo with all of our eyes open. Three monkeys in a circus are we!
Emma made Papa a festive hat. Papa is such a good sport!
She's so purty!
Emma found a Buzz Lightyear Operation game for Papa. We are having sooooo much fun with this! We had Operation when we were kids. This being a grandparent thing totally rocks~you get to have toys again! So worth getting old for this!
Okay, off I go to cook a prime rib, so that's it for today.
Happy New Year's Eve! Or, as Emma decided to call it, "Happy Last Old Year Day!"

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arlene said...

Sorry I've been such a bad blog commenter, though I've managed to read everything. Glad to see you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend time with the "boys".

Have a very late package on it's way, though I've had it since the beginning of November I swear.

I WILL be in touch soon, how's the week of Jan 23rd looking?