Monday, November 21, 2011


Yesterday, we attended a concert at the Baptist Temple in Boston. Although the chorale group is not associated with the temple, it performed quite a few gospel songs, many of which referred to Jesus as "light." These songs reminded me of some lyrics I wrote several years ago. Just thought I'd share them.

Nothing in Between 

The streets were his religion
Violence was his only mission
His life was hanging in the balance day to day
With a gun pressed to a head
He remembered words his brother said
About the One who died to bear his sin and shame
And he found Jesus in that alley
Hate no longer his reality
He saw the truth his hate had not let him see:
It's light or darkness, there is nothing in between

Drugs became her secret passion
Once taboo but now the fashion
A masquerade for what was hidden deep within
With a tube forced down her throat
She remembered words her daddy spoke
About the One who paid the price for all her sin
And she met Jesus on that gurney
Fear no longer was her journey
She saw the truth her fear had not let her see:
It's light or darkness, there is nothing in between

We start out in the darkness
From the moment we begin
We've got to choose to let Light pierce us
We've got to choose to let Light in
We've got to choose to let Him in

My son's last breath upon my face
A nightmare time cannot erase
A broken heart and an empty soul took hold of me
Crying at that tiny grave
I remembered words the preacher prayed
About the One who holds my son and grieves with me
And I met Jesus in that graveyard
Pain no longer lord of my heart
I saw the truth my pain had not let me see:
It's light or darkness, there is nothing in between

We walk in Light or darkness
There is nothing in between
Light or darkness
Nothing in between
      (Copyright © 2005 by, Inc. All rights reserved.)

May I always remember to let the Light shine through me...

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Lori said...

Vicki, that song has me in tears. I can just picture a really good Christian singer belting out the words. Maybe someone like Carrie Underwood. You really should find someone to do it.