Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

Our epic Nor'easter hit two days before Halloween. On Sunday, the temperature indoors wasn't too bad yet, so we carved pumpkins. Actually, they carved pumpkins while I took photos and played with the dogs. I love to eat anything pumpkin but cannot stand the smell of slimy pumpkin guts. Emma, however, seems to love the smell. She also enjoys pulling out the slimy pumpkin guts and saying, "Giffy, smell this. It smells soooooo good!" Good thing she's cute! HA HA!
Emma was very specific regarding the shapes she wanted on her pumpkin. She told Mommy what to draw and where. 
Ta da! Emma's masterpiece!
This is Papa's masterpiece.
On Halloween, the streets were still covered with downed trees and power lines. So our town, as did many towns, postponed trick-or-treating. Some towns even cancelled it altogether. By Monday evening, Brittany's building was nice and toasty, so Emma went trick-or-treating with her friends (and twins) Brooke and Abbey.
Emma wanted me to photograph her gold eyeshadow. I love her pose!
On Saturday, Emma came to my house to go trick-or-treating. She decided to be a different princess that night. Here she is getting some lipstick. She already has the lipstick pucker down!
It was pretty cold that night so instead of wearing her sparkly Princess shoes, this Snow White wore her cozy boots. By the way, those are some moves, Snow White!
Who needs seven height-challenged men to mine jewels for you when you have a Giffy and her stash of full-size candy bars? 
It was actually kind of sad. Only half of the houses here (there are only 24) passed out candy. Needless to say I had a ton of leftover candy which I made Rick take to work. I did keep a Butterfinger or two. Or three. Or four. Yum.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Weight Watchers I go!

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Christy Lynn said...

The insides of pumpkins to smell kinda funky, don't they? I think I've only carved pumpkins once in the last ten years or more. Much prefer to just bake with the canned pumpkin, which I am currently hoarding because our stupid commissary only stocks it around the holidays. Think ten giant cans will be enough to get me to next year? I checked expiration dates ;)

Oh, and Emma's princess costumes are totally cute! Is it bad that I kinda want one? Ok, actually I think I'd like a Maleficent costume, she is in my opinion the coolest Disney villain ever. :)