Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Germs, Turkey Waddles, and San Antonio's River Walk

I am quite behind in my blogging. I went to San Antonio over Veteran's Day weekend with my dear friend, Lesly. On my flight home, a man sitting two rows behind me coughed and sneezed like a contagiuosly-diseased champion. I tried not to breathe the germified air, but I could only breathe the air inside the collar of my sweatshirt for so long, you know? I think the flight attendants should make sick people wear those little white painters' masks. Yes, I know~it would be politically incorrect to brand sick people with the proverbial scarlet (or in this case white) letter. So maybe I'll start carrying my own mask to protect myself. That loud HRUMPH you just heard was the collective sighing and head shaking from my kids. They think I am a germaphobe. Well, maybe I am. A little. But that's just because anytime I am near anyone with a cold, I catch it. Then it turns into bronchitis and then sometimes pneumonia. Case in point: I ended up sick a few days after that flight. Thankfully, it didn't last long.

 But then poor Miss Emma became sick on Thanksgiving Eve. Really sick. So sick that she and Brittany missed Thanksgiving dinner. On Friday, Brittany took her for a strep test, which was negative. They said it's just a virus. But Monday was day 5 of her fever, sore throat, and headache. She also developed a wretched sounding cough. Her pediatrician was concerned about pneumonia, so he X-rayed her lungs. Thankfully, her lungs are clear and the doctor couldn't find any infection. But Emma is still quite sick. And now her mommy, her Giffy, and her Papa are sick, too~though none of us are as sick as is Miss Emma.

So we had a quiet Thanksgiving. Back in September when I placed my turkey order at our local turkey farm (see, I do live out in the country!), I ordered a 23-lb bird assuming that I would have a full table. Some plans changed and some people were ill, so on Thanksgiving night we were down to four. We've been eating turkey for days. They say that "you are what you eat." I know it's true because my old-lady-neck-flap-just-below-my-chin eerily resembles a turkey waddle, just a little less red. So not the fashion statement I want to make, but eh, what can I do? Plastic surgery is out because we all know I would end up being the poster granny for totally-botched-and-hideous-plastic-surgery-nightmares. Besides, I don't think Joan Rivers is ready to abdicate her throne. Guess I'll just suck it up (or maybe pin it back with turkey skewers and laces) and get back to blogging. So on to my San Antonio trip.

I had to laugh because Lesly sleeps with ear plugs. I know she says that they're the only way she can sleep, but I suspect that after we shared a room in Chicago five years ago, she immediately ran home and bought them because even the mere memory of my snoring was enough to keep her awake! She's way too polite to say this, of course. (Hmm. Makes me wonder what my turkey waddle looks like as it trembles. I think I am better off not knowing, and I will soooooooo hurt anyone who tries to videotape it! LOL) At any rate, Lesly did, in fact, survive the trip and her ears seemed no worse for the wear. Though she did occasionally insist she heard a fog horn, so I just played along with her and said I heard it, too. Not that there was any fog in San Antonio, but that's just a minor detail. (JK, Lesly!)

We had a room with a large terrace overlooking San Antonio's famous River Walk. Here are a few shots from our balcony.
I thought these were cool shots of the trees. Don't worry, Mom~Lesly held onto my ankles really, really tightly while I leaned WAY over the terrace edge to take these photos. Bwahaha! (Eeewww...I wonder what my waddle looked like hanging upside down over the terrace!)
I had fun taking shadowy photos. It's hard to see things clearly, but it sure is fun to play with the light.
I love the water's reflection on the underside of this arch.
We stopped along the River Walk for a snack. This little birdie was hoping we'd share our chips and salsa.
These bad boys kept stealing the sugar and artificial sweetener packets right off the tables. They literally ripped the packets open and devoured their contents. As one not-so-little birdie took off in flight, it left a little "present" right on top of a lady's refried beans. She just moved that present aside with her knife and kept on eating. Yup and YUCK!
To my delight, there were ample opportunities to take photos through tree branches. No, this building is not the Leaning Tower of San Antonio. Apparently, I forgot to straighten it before I uploaded it. I guess you'll just have to tilt your computer screen to the left to get the right perspective.
Check out this tree. Is it cool or what?
Just random shots taken as we strolled...
Oh, and in case you're wondering, this is Lesly. We've been friends for 20 years. She lives in CA, which is where we met. She is actually from Texas but had never been to San Antonio, so it was really fun to expereince it with her. Yes, she still has her sweet Texas drawl. And see, she looked rested and happy and beautiful despite my buzz saw snore!
This was one of our favorite restaurants: Bella on the River Walk. I like this artsy shot of the restaurant's stone walls.
Check out these cool glass bottles in the restaurant! I didn't use a flash so that I could capture the translucent glass and the shadows without any bright spots.
And this dessert was a first for both of us: pistachio cake. It was yummalish!
Next up: The Alamo. Right after I paint myself a sign that says, "Save a turkey. Eat a Tofurkey." I don't want to end up on someone's platter next Thanksgiving, lol!

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