Sunday, October 23, 2011

How Much Is That Doggie in a Onesie (and Other Stuff)

Tiffany loves to chase her tail. So when she was chasing it yesterday, we didn't think it was anything unusual. Then last night she started to nip aggressively at her left hind quarter. She's a Shih Tzu and has lots of hair, so the problem wasn't easy to see: she had an abcess which was deep red, warm to the touch, and looked ready to burst. She only weighs 10 pounds, so it wouldn't take long for her to be in serious trouble. We rushed her to an emergency vet, and by the time we got there, which was only 20 minutes later, it was oozing and oh so pleasant. (You can thank me later for that not-at-all-grotesque mental picture.) For a mere two hours and $316, the vet lanced and cleaned it. (Bet that mental picture just became worse!) But it was worth it, because in my house my dogs aren't just dogs, they're my babies. Anyway, Tiffany now has an open wound so she's on pain meds and antibiotics. She normally sleeps on the bed with us (along with Wylie), but I thought she might be more comfortable in her kennel so that no one would bump her. Silly me. She cried and cried and cried some more, so we covered our bed with an old blanket and put her on it. She slept all night curled up against me.

The vet put a collar on Tiffany so she wouldn't lick her wound. Not only is her snout so short that she cannot eat or drink while wearing the collar, but the collar was totally making her freak. She kept shaking her head trying to escape from it. As soon as I removed the collar, she tried to lick the wound. So Rick ran to Target early this morning and bought some baby onesies for her.
Goofy, huh? But it keeps her wound covered so she can't lick it, and she's not nearly as freaked out by the onesie as she was by the collar. My poor baby! She's sleeping on my lap. I'm still in my jammies, sitting on the couch with a heating pad because my back is not just out, it's OUT out big time. I have no idea how I hurt it. I just know that I can barely move. 

In other news (which is so unimportant but eh, there's nothing else to do but play on my blog in a feeble attempt to distract myself from drinking anything, because even the teensiest bit of water will necessitate a pathetic shuffle to the bathroom and will illicit some pathetic groans as I try to stand up again and shuffle back to my spot on the couch), our trusty bread maker of 20 years finally kicked the loaf pan so to speak. I did some research and bought a new one. I am amazed at how much better and easier this one is. I've been playing with it, trying to modify recipes to be Weight Watchers friendly because I don't want to regain the 50 pounds I lost just because I bought a new bread maker. I also decided to try making cinnamon rolls. The first batch I made last weekend were just okay. We decided they weren't worth the Weight Watchers points that they cost. So I tried a different recipe on Friday. Let me just say, "Cinnabon who???" They are truly better than Cinnanbon's! Check these out. Yummalish!
They should be good because they cost a kazillion Weight Watchers points. Poor Rick and the girls had to be my lab rats and suffered through these yesterday morning, LOL. We all agreed that they will make the perfect breakfast on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter mornings. I will hide the recipe from myself for the other 49 weekends a year. Well, maybe I'll make them for Mother's Day and Father's Day as well. So make that 47 weekends in hiding. Unless I happen to wake up tomorrow looking like Barbie. Then maybe I'll make them every weekend. If only I had known to wish for that on my birthday, ha ha! Hey, wait just a minute. Maybe I DID wake up this morning looking like Barbie. Maybe her hugely disproportionate and, well, HUGE chest is how I threw my back out and I just don't realize it because I can't stand up to look in a mirror! Mystery solved. Break out the cinnamon rolls! Hee hee!

My mom thinks that every post should contain at least one photo of Emma, so here you go mamasita! Yesterday Brittany took Emma to The Disney Store for a pre-Halloween party. Brittany's friend, Kristin, brought her son dressed as Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. Emma wore her new Belle ensemble that Papa brought for her from Disneyland a month or so ago. Here are Emma and Dylan holding hands as they stroll through the mall. Too cute!
Uh-oh. That teensy sip of water is causing trouble. Let the shuffle begin. 


Lori said...

Cinnamon rolls following an icky bump on the dog still doesn't get rid of the mere image in my head. But I bet they were yummy.

Christy Lynn said...

I hope that Tiffany is doing much better by now. Vader had one of those cone things one time and wouldn't move when we put it on him. We left the house for an hour and when we got back, he was sitting in the exact same spot as when we left! So he got a sock taped to his leg. The onesie is a much cuter idea.

And those cinnamon rolls look totally mouthwatering. So. Hungry. Now!!