Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've Been Found ALIVE!

Yup, my mama commissioned this team to find me. 
I hadn't appeared in Blogland for 10 days or so and she really missed me (aka seeing photos of Emma). Perhaps she thought that I had finally run away to Karen's house, which I threatened to do when I was four. (My mom told me that I could, indeed, run away but to remember that I was not allowed to cross the street which is where Karen lived. Apparently I sat on our curb for quite some time before surrendering.) Perhaps she thought that I was in the hospital (which isn't an improbability given my Hospital Frequent Flier Status). Perhaps she thought that my camera had finally worn out given the thousands of photos it has taken of Emma. (We literally have thousands of photos on our computers. They're not ALL of Emma. Really, they aren't.) Perhaps she thought that I had FINALLY run out of things to say (uh, nevermind, we all know that could NEVER happen, ha ha). Perhaps she thought that I had finally lost all of my marbles (considering that I was born with only one, you can imagine her concern). But alas, this fine furried team rescued me from beneath an avalanche of busyness and cardstock. Do not fear, dear mamasita! I am alive and well as is my camera, and I have my 30,000 words for the day ready to go (I think that's how many words women supposedly say in a day, which means I actually say 60,000, hee hee). However, the jury is still out on the marble thing.

Here's a morsel of what I've been doing. Brittany went to visit her BFF in CO for six days, so our little sidekick stayed with us. While Brittany was in CO, our dear friends from CO, Vic and Mo, came to visit. They will become grandparents in a few short months, so they really enjoyed hanging out with Miss Emma and playing Pappou (Greek for grandpa) and Mimo (I forget it's origin, but it means grandma).
 Oh, how we miss them! We used to hang out with them every single weekend. They are just the sweetest people! We really want to move back to CO and live next door to them. Seriously. I mean who wouldn't want to be part of a neighborhood with people named Pappou, Mimo, Giffy, and Papa? Yeah, yeah, I know~before long we'd be called the Motorized Scooter Quartet, but it would still be fun! LOL Anyway, our hearts will always feel at home in Colorado. We would love to retire there. We even scoped out houses next to them, though the pesky little business about Rick needing a job until he retires gets in our way. If only I could write a million dollar best seller...

Okay, Mom, now back to Emma. For Emma's first Christmas, we gave her the American Girl Bitty Baby doll, whom Emma named Lucy. Well, Lucy had a few bangs and bruises on her head, so we took her to the American Girl store. There is an American Girl doll hospital in the midwest. A very nice woman at the store gave us a "traveling" hospital gown to put on Lucy, then sent her on her way by ambulance (aka USPS) to the hospital. The ambulance returned Lucy two weeks later. Not only was her head completely healed, but Lucy was wearing a beautiful hospital gown (which even ties in the back like a real one, though I daresay that Lucy's naked behind peeking out through the gown-that-never-ever-ever-stays-tied looked much cuter than mine ever has) with an official certificate of good health. Emma was so excited! 
As if all of this excitement weren't enough, I have also been paper crafting like crazy! I am making two baby books, and was just plodding along at my leisure. But now I need to jam to finish one of them, as the baby shower is much sooner than I had anticipated. I am hoping to finish it this week. I'll post some photos as soon as I take them. In the meantime, here's a sweet little birthday card I made for my great-niece, Lexi.
And that's what I've been doing. Oh, except for watching our Star Wars marathon. All six episodes were just released on BluRay. My sweetheart and I are working our way through them. I told Rick he's lucky that his totally awesome wife loves to watch Star Wars and James Bond movies (really, any action movie), baseball, football, and hockey. In return all that he has to do is watch animated movies (we just got The Lion King and Beauty and The Beast on 3D) and every figure skating competition on TV, which he lovingly (albeit not longingly) does. Is that not a fair deal? LOL

Anyway, off I go to Baby Book Land. Have an awesome day! 

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Christy Lynn said...

I'm glad I don't have to send out the National Guard to look for you. I have connections, I coulda done that ;) I have to say, I find the Bitty Baby hospital thing to be pretty funny. Several years ago a dog got ahold of my prize Coca Cola polar bear, Juan, and tore up his face a little bit so I took him to Mom for some "plastic surgery". She reattached his nose but it came off again, so he's a little the worse for wear but he's hanging in there!