Friday, October 14, 2011

I Do Believe That Fall Has Arrived

We took Miss Emma to a pumpkin patch on Sunday. It's starting to look like Autumn, but it sure hasn't felt like Autumn. It was in the 80s last weekend! That's 20 degrees above average for this time of year. Even so, the apple orchards are beautiful and the leaves are changing and life in New England is picturesque. 

Our town's pumpkin patch is part of an apple orchard where you can pick your own apples. There are at least ten varieties at this orchard. Here are two photos of a Macoun tree, which happens to be my favorite apple. I can almost smell a pie baking in my oven. (Miss Christy, I make a scrumptious apple pie. I know you love pie, so I think you should hop across the pond and dive into one with me. Just sayin'...)
I never saw gourds on vines until I moved here. I think they're pretty cool.
See? I told you it was hot! Emma is usually all bundled up at the pumpkin patch. I love this photo because of her shadow.
Here are a couple of faces that only a mother pumpkin could love. Not sure what's up with these, but eeewww...
And if that didn't make you glad you're not a pumpkin, then this one surely will. 
I love this photo because Emma looks so happy. Ahh, the simple joys of childhood, which are now the simple joys of Giffyhood. :)
This one makes me laugh. I wanted the sun behind me but that made Emma squint. Check out her one-legged shadow.
My three muskateers and their pumpkins.
The first sign of Autumn.
My most favorite girls!
The best part of going to the pumpkin patch is indulging in a freshly made (as in still piping hot) apple cider doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar. That alone is worth the airfare, so who wants to come have doughnuts? Anyone? 
Love these mums!
I just think this is a pretty photo.
Brittany let Emma buy a teeny tiny pumpkin to keep in her room. Since it's so small, Emma decided that it looks like a "baby pumpkin that just came out of its mommy pumpkin's tummy." I think I'll let Brittany explain that one, ha ha!
Now I have my mind on apple pie and cider doughnuts. I think I should get on the treadmill instead.

Looking forward to a beautiful weekend. Cant wait to go leaf hunting!

Happy Friday!

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Christy Lynn said...

Amber and I have decided we should visit you in October of some year. Probably not this one since she's getting ready to move and it's already halfway over :) Lovely pictures and those are some funky looking leprous pumpkins!