Friday, October 21, 2011

Emma's Happy Mail

I have a bit of a cold and am more fuzzy-headed than usual, so please bear with my rambling. LOL

My SIL, Kristin, sends Emma the cutest gift bags for every holiday. Emma has figured this out, and every time she receives a package from Aunt Kristin she squeals with delight before she even opens it! 
These sticky gel decorations are now proudly displayed on Emma's bedroom wall as well as on Brittany's patio door.
Halloween sprinkles! Emma and mommy went straight home and made yummy cupcakes which they shared with me and Papa. 
Emma assembled and decorated this spooky 3D foam tree. Emma loves to make crafts. (Wonder where she got that gene...)
This is a super cute book most of which Emma can read all by herself!
Emma saves all of her adorable hand-made cards from Aunt Kristin.  
I love this photo! Emma was so excited by her Halloween headband, she couldn't wait to wear it even thought the tag was still attached. (Why don't I look this cute when I forget to cut the tag off of a new shirt and leave it dangling from my armpit?)
Yay for sparkly Halloween stickers! Emma adores sparkles and glitter. You should see my basement carpet beneath her craft table. (Yes, Emma has her own craft table and it's covered with glue and glitter!)
After she devours all of the cupcakes, Emma and her mommy are going to make cookies with these adorable Halloween cookie cutters. 
Check out this adorable card that Kristin made for me. 
She also made this candy holder with two small Hershey bars hidden inside! (BTW, thanks Kristin~my growing SU Wish List now has several more things on it, ha ha!)
Thank you for all of the wonderful treats, Kristin! 

Miss Emma has been sick with a cold this week. She loves her mommy and me sooooooo much that she just had to share it with us. Guess that's what I get for stealing a kazillion kisses from her every day. Oh well, it's worth it! Anyway, Brittany stayed home from work yesterday, so I had a whole day to myself. I spent the entire day in my craft room! After about three hours I made a Starbucks run and swung by Brittany's to deliver drinks to my girls. Apparently a pumpkin spice latte gets my mojo going because I cranked in my craft room for the next five hours. (Thank you, Kristin~that latte was a scrumptious treat!) I finished one of the baby books and got started on a few Fall cards. I'll try to take some photos today.

Here are a few little things I made last week. Guess I really like this paper and I love the ribbon!
This is the Cherished Teddy that Miss Emma chose for October.
So that's all the rambling I have for today. Off to find a box of tissues. Wishing you a fun and sneezeless Friday!

P.S. For a good chuckle, click on the Cake Wrecks link in the column to your right. Scroll down to the "Open Belly, Insert Foot" post to see why I'm laughing. 

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