Friday, October 28, 2011

Alex's Baby Book, Part 3

Yes, my mom read yesterday's post. Yes, I heard from her. Yes, she shook her head with both disbelief (because I am almost half-of-a-century old and am still more stubborn than a mule and dumber than a stick) and resignation (because she has known for 49+ years that I am more stubborn than a mule and dumber than a stick). But she did say that she loves me anyway, so I am a happy camper. Though my back is sore because I was stubborn and dumb and bathed one of my dogs. But I am confident that my mama will keep on loving me anyway, even if I am stubborn and dumb and go ahead and bathe the other two dogs tomorrow. Right, Mom? Mom? Hellllooooo Mamasita! (I'll let you know if she answers. She may not want to admit it, lol.) 

At any rate, here are the last of the photos of Alex's scrapbook. I really love this November layout. That turkey is too cute, and I love the autumn leaves on this Stampin' Up paper. 
This is one of my faves, too. LOVE this stamp!
I had so much fun making these owls with my punch from Stampin' Up.
So that's it for this baby book. I can't finish the other one until Stephanie finds out what she's having, which should be next week. 

Gotta run, but I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of Emma and a few funny stories.

Happy weekend!

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Christy Lynn said...

Man oh man am I behind on here! Seriously, I don't know where last week went, it's just GONE. Your baby book looks fantastic, I like how you did an extra layout for December for all those Christmas pics. I think I'll tell my two mommies that if they need extra pages to let me know :)