Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alex's Baby Book, Part 2

Quick post today, mostly just photos. (If you missed Part 1 of Alex's scrapbook and are really dying to see it, scroll down to yesterday's post.) My back is finally feeling better, so I am about to be really dumb and start catching up on the things I've neglected all week. My mom will be e-mailing me about 2 second after she reads that. We all know she'll be right. We also all know that I am an old, stubborn fool. :)
I love these nursery rhyme stamps by SU. They are just too cute! But now that I am looking at this photo, I see that the left page is too crowded. I think I'll take off the middle mat in the column of three and replace it with the title.
Told you it would be quick! Off I go to do some chores before my mama finds me!


Lori said...

Your album is so adorable. Wish I could make layouts with you and eat yummy cinnamon rolls.

Christy Lynn said...

Love your St. Paddy's Day layout, the shamrock paper is awesome. And the bunny Anya, love her!!

And I think you should quit calling yourself dumb and a fool. Stubborn maybe, but I refuse to believe that stubborn is only a bad thing. I know you're not dumb or foolish, just hard-headed!!