Sunday, September 4, 2011

St. George's, Part 2

Okay, I'm back to the vacay photos. I left you at the fort. Did you have a good time? We sure did! This is Fort Saint Catharine. Richard Moore (Bermuda's first governor) and a small group of settlers arrived at this site (on the northern edge of St. George's) in 1612. Moore, a trained carpenter, built the first wooden fort at this site to protect Bermuda from the Spaniards. The current structure dates from the late 1800s (the fort was rebuilt several times) and now serves as a museum. 
Each canon weighs 18 tons...
and each shell weighs 400 pounds. It was really hot and humid in the fort. I can't imagine how hot it must have been for the soldiers loading and firing these weapons.
Some views from the fort.
This cute kitty lives at the fort, along with two others. They belong to the groundskeeper, a really sweet man with whom I chatted for about an hour. He told me all sorts of interesting facts about the fort while the rest of my family toured the underground tunnels and rooms. (I was just too hot down there and needed some fresh air.) One of the things he shared is that there aren't any cat predators lurking about, so the cats are free to roam the island. Consequently, Bermuda has a rather large cat population. 
Speaking of cats, here's another Emma-ism: 
Emma: C is for cat. C is for kitty.
Brittany: Actually, Emma, kitty starts with k.
Emma: But they both start with the same sound.
Brittany: Yes, but cat starts with c and kitty starts with k.
Emma (throwing her arms up in the air): this just doesn't make any sense!

I took this photo from the fort. After lunch, we spent several hours as the sole visitors on this beach! Guess the weather intimidated beachgoers. As you may recall, we hiked a mile in the pouring rain to get there. But after lunch, the skies became sunny and the water was warm. Bermuda really is a paradise, especially when you have an entire beach to yourself!
We took a different path back to the ferry. Along the way, we passed this military cemetery. It's interesting to note that not a single soldier was ever killed in battle at Fort St. Catharine. The majority of the deaths were caused by Yellow Fever. It wasn't unusual for entire families to succumb to this disease. In such cases, the soldier and his family were buried together here. (More knowledge gleaned from the groundskeeper at the fort. I was glad he told me as there wasn't any kind of sign at the cemetery. We would have just strolled by it without knowing its history.)
In addition to the cats, Bermuda also abounds with chickens and roosters freely roaming open front yards. In fact, Emma decided that Bermuda would be a pretty cool place to live because of all the animals. Emma loves animals. She said she'd like to have a rooster as a pet. I don't see that ever happening. I know I spoil her, but I do have boundaries. Live poultry is one of them. I cannot stand chickens live or otherwise (I've had salmonella twice from chicken). So I think Emma will have to be content with my three dogs, her cat, and her beta fish. Though she is trying to talk her mommy into a second kitty. She already has a name picked out!
Emma hitched a ride from Uncle Keaton!
This was the view as we approached St. George's town square. The houses in the foreground are definitely where some of the wealthier people live. Bermuda has some interesting residency laws. You cannot be a citizen unless your parents are citizens and you were born there. Only Bermudan citizens can own mid-priced real estate. If you aren't a citizen, you can only purchase real estate in the top 5% of prices, which means two million dollars and above. And that doesn't buy you a large home. Larger homes go for much more. So if Rick really wants to own a house there, we'd better start saving our pennies. Lots and lots of pennies.
I have absolutely no idea what this plant is called, but it really intrigues me. At first glance, I actually thought those were snakes! They reminded me of the the animated portrait of Medusa in Disneyland's Haunted House attraction. Talk about having a bad hair day! LOL
That's it for St. George's. Man, do I miss that beach!

On another note: we went to Fenway Park Friday night. Not as warm and tropical as Bermuda, but a paradise nonetheless! Here's Emma sporting Wally, the team mascot.
To say that I love the Red Sox is a huge understatement. I am a fan loyal to the end and beyond! But even I was frustrated that night. We took a beating from the Texas Rangers in a 10-0 loss. Still, we had a great time! 
The view from our wicked seats (which is Boston speak for totally awesome).
Even though we suffered an embarrassing loss, there was an upside. Friday night was the 700th consecutively sold-out game at Fenway Park since 2003. Every single person at the game received a commemorative baseball imprinted with this significant milestone. That was pretty cool! So now it's in my office alongside my autographed baseballs from David Ortiz (Big Papi) and Luis Tiant. Waaayyyyyy cool!


Amber Hight said...

What fun pictures! It looks like you and the family had a ton of fun:)

Christy Lynn said...

I kinda wanted to get my face painted at Dover Castle but I figured Lee would start pretending he doesn't know me. Looks like your perseverance with walking through the rain was rewarded by a beautiful afternoon by the beach.