Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sign of the Times

Emma and I were playing "Princess Dress Up," a game Emma invented. We dress up in princessy attire and dance with our invisible-yet-totally-real princes. She wanted me to wear one of her dresses, but when I explained that they are too little for me she replied, "Well, now, that's just a real shame!" These photos didn't turn out well because of the basement lighting, but really any photo of Emma is a perfect photo. :)
When I told her that she looked beyond beautiful, she said, "I need to text my fairy godmother and tell her what a fabulous job she did on my dress!" A sign of the times: a four-year-old knows how to text. I think she's going to cure cancer tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!

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arlene said...

OMG - she is too funny. Love hearing what she has said lately. Maybe you can send her my way to help with some of the electronics I don't know how to work.

BTW your card is gorgeous as always.