Friday, September 30, 2011

Prima Ballerina

Emma joined a dance class a few weeks ago. The class spends 30 minutes on ballet, then 30 minutes on tap. She loves it! She now dances all around my house like a prima ballerina. She especially loves to twirl. It's totally adorable~until she wants ME to dance like a ballerina. Not so adorable. I am a total clutz. Put me in ice skates and I can practically fly across the ice. Put me on land and I'm in trouble. My shins bear the proof in the form of extremely attractive bruises. Emma even suggested that I get a ballerina outfit to match hers. Yeah. Sooooooo not going to happen. A) I would look so beyond ridonkulous. B) I need to visit the bathroom waaayyy too often to have pull down a leotard and a skirt and tights. That could easily result in a soggy mess. C) I need to visit the bathroom waaayyy too often to have pull up a leotard and a skirt and tights. D) I haven't worn pantyhose or tights for about 12 years (since I blew my hand). Why oh why would I ever choose to wear them now? (Though I did just buy a pair of black tights to wear with a black skirt and boots. We'll see if I ever take them out of the package.) E) I think that the definition of "prima ballerina" pretty much excludes grannies with gray roots and, well, the lowly effects of nearly a half-century of gravity. There's just not enough underwire or a big enough pair of Spanx in the world to make it even remotely acceptable for me to wear a leotard. Now, just try to get that image out of your head! LOL Alas, I will treat you to some real eye candy. I especially love her hair in a bun! (A few of these are fuzzy because I shot them through a dirty window.)
Told you the pictures were sweet! In fact, they do kind of make me want to dance around the house in a pretty ballerina outfit. Hmm. Maybe I should look into the underwire and Spanx. LOL

Hope you can dance yourself into a fabulous weekend!


Christy Lynn said...

I don't think a leotard and tutu are necessarily de rigueur for pirouetting around and pretending you're a ballerina. Or you could just put on a tutu over some sweats, that might work ;) Fun photos, I'm sure you can do some super cute and PINK scrapbook pages with these!

Mary Kay Huck said...

Oh such sweet pics of Emma! Reminds me of the sweet days of Shaelee's ballet classes and recitals. Such fun "girl stuff!"