Thursday, September 8, 2011

Horseshoe Bay

Ready for some more R&R on a beach? That's what's up for today. That and a BIG storm.

Friday was our last day in Bermuda. We left the ship bright and early to head to Horseshoe Bay, another of Bermuda's famous beaches. This is the first glimpse you get as you pass through the trees. The sky looked a little gray and we knew rain was supposed to hit in the afternoon, but that didn't deter us.
As you can see, Horsheshoe Bay has a lot of beautiful limestone walls which compose several coves. I had so much fun taking photos! (That's code for "I took about 100 photos." But don't worry, I won't post them all.)
Couldn't resist walking through this passage to snap a few photos. 
I love capturing water in motion.
Emma wore her water wings and literally played in the ocean for three hours. Not that any of us cared~the water was soooooo warm and soooooo pretty! After Brittany got out and sat on the beach for awhile, she said that she felt like she was in a Jimmy Buffet music video. Jimmy Buffet music then played in my head for the rest of the day. I'm telling you, that man just wouldn't leave me alone! Ha ha! 
Emma wanted me to take photos of our sandy feet. At first, it was just the two of us.
Then she wanted the whole clan.
Then she made herself some sand knee socks.
Emma declared that "this was the best beach day EVER because we're all together!"I'm telling you, she is wise beyond her years! It was the best beach day ever, even though this invaded the beach.
Yup, that was one angry storm. It literally moved in from nowhere. We left at about 1:00, and as we were walking towards the taxi line this storm opened up right on top of us. To say that we were drenched is a gross understatement. We were wetter than wet. In fact, wet was drier than we were. So what did we do? We laughed about it all the way back to the dockyard. Then we went out for lunch, totally soaked through the skin and beyond. There we were, looking like six wet and starving puppy dogs eating lunch as if everything was perfectly fine. Because it was. After all, we were all wet together. Thanks for the perspective, Miss Emma.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Bermuda. It's just a funny conversation I had with Emma yesterday as we watched Tangled.
Emma: Giffy, when I grow up I want to be a princess.
Me: How are you going to become a princess?
Emma: I will marry a prince, of course!
Me: How are you going to find a prince?
Emma: I'll start keeping me eye out for one. But if I see a prince with another girl, I won't marry him.
Me: That's probably a good idea.
Emma: Giffy, why can't I marry Papa?
Me: Because he's already married to me.
Emma: But Giffy! Papa's the best prince ever!
Me: He is indeed, Emma!

Another fun thing happened yesterday (please note the dripping sarcasm). I dropped my car off to have new tires installed. Brittany picked me and we were heading back home. She was in the left turn lane with her blinker on when the light turned green. As she moved forward, a woman from the right lane decided to punch it into the left turn lane and never even looked. Thankfully Brittany saw her in time and hit the brakes, otherwise the woman would have hit my passenger door. The woman's car only had a scratch on the fender, and Brittany's fender is banged up, but that's it. I guess that if you have to have an accident, this is the kind to have. After Brittany exchanged info with this woman, the woman pulled out of the parking lot and did the same exact thing! Go figure.

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Christy Lynn said...

You should have taken a picture of everyone in their wetter-than-wet state while you were having lunch, although I must say I have a picture in my head and it's very clear :) At least it wasn't cold rain so you could still enjoy your lunch despite the soaking. Sorry to hear about the fender bender, it's just not your week, is it?