Friday, September 9, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

The last day of our cruise was a sea day. And wouldn't you know it~it was SUNNY and DRY the whole day! Well, at least we had dried out by then, but only to get wet again. We spent the whole day at the pool. Emma literally played in it for five hours! But we were so thankful for the sunshine that we didn't mind. We just kept taking turns with her until our skin resembled prunes, and even then it was hard to get her to leave. Here she is chillaxin' with her favorite male peeps.
Emma is so stylin' with her mama's sunglasses.
This one makes me laugh soooo hard! She totally mastered the I'm-going-to-float-in-the-pool-all-day-like-a-princess float.
Can you tell that she was sooooo unhappy to get out of the pool?
But after a nap she was ready to rumble.
Here are a few shots of King's Wharf as we pulled out of port. Bye bye, Bermuda. :(
I love the colors of the ocean.
We gave Emma $20 to spend on the trip. She bought a pink and purple dolphin. Her stuffed dog is her beloved buddy, Jack. One of Brittany's friends gave Jack to Emma for her 2nd birthday. From the moment she opened that gift, Jack has literally been at her side 24/7. In fact, she is so attached to Jack that I bought a spare one and keep it hidden in my closet just in case the unthinkable happens and she loses him. Of course, she's too smart to be tricked into thinking that it's the same exact Jack, but maybe it would be enough to avert a major meltdown. Yeah, probably not. 
I bought this hand-painted teacup before we left Bermuda. Yes, I know I can no longer drink tea, but it looks pretty on my china hutch. Besides, I am allowed to have a wee bit of coffee in the morning (believe it or not it's less acidic than tea, even herbal tea) and who says I can't have coffee in a tea cup?
I forgot to tell you that on Wednesday night, Rick and the kids went back into Hamilton to attend a street fair. I stayed behind with Emma as it was going to be much too late for her. We snuggled and cuddled and played games and read books then crashed long before everyone else returned. But my sweetheart brought me this cedar box. He actually watched the man lathing similar ones. Isn't it puuurrrty?
Here are a few portraits we had taken. The photographer kept quacking like a duck in a failed attempt to make Emma smile. I think the quacking annoyed her. She kind of smirked instead of smiled in these photos. Oh well...we'll never forget the quacking, LOL.
She smiled in this photo, maybe because the photographer wasn't quacking at her. LOL
Emma begged to have her photo taken with the dolphin. 
The weather wasn't ideal, but it certainly didn't ruin the trip. The only bummer was that we never saw a beautiful tropical sunset. Guess that means we'll have to return. Oh Bermuda, how I love thee!


Christy Lynn said...

Emma certainly is a water baby. I'm just waiting for her to convince Giffy and Papa that she needs her own indoor heated pool so she can swim year-round!

Tanya said...

Loved the pictures from your trip. The one on the beach with the storm cloud was pretty amazing! I enjoy reading the lil' conversations between you and Emma, she seems to been such a character=) Kids say the funniest things!