Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Crafty, He's a Little Bit Rock and Roll

I know, I know. It's kind of embarrassing that I made a word play on a Donny &Marie song. Blame my mother. It's not my fault that I grew up with that show. She's the one who gave birth to me when she did and then forced, yes FORCED me to watch that show! (Ha ha, Mom~I'm almost 50 and I still blame everything on my mother! Just kidding!)

I haven't posted anything crafty in a long while, so here you go. These are two layouts of Father's Day. Since most of the photos have Emma in them (shocking, I know), I made one layout for her and one for us. You may remember that I used SU's Nautical Expedition DP and 
The Open Sea stamp set to make Father's Day cards. I used the same supplies for these layouts.
Emma told me she likes them except for the fact that they're "too boyish and I like pink better." So I made her a pinkalicious layouts instead using SU's Cheerful Treat DP. 
Emma really likes the doilies I made with a die from MFT. She also really likes the word doily. She thinks it sounds silly and keeps asking me if that's really what the doily is called or if I just made up that word. I told her that it's a real word but she wants to know how I know that. I explained to her that my real name is Merriam Webster. That earned a puzzled look like a dog makes, you know when a dog tilts its head to one side and twitches its ears. Then she said, "Giff, you are sooooo joking me. Nobody is named Merriam!" Ha ha!

Hope your week is off to a great start! And if you have that Donny & Marie song playing in your head all day, you can just blame my mother. 

Love you, Mom! 

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Christy Lynn said...

Know what I think of first when I hear the name Donnie Osmond? He was the voice of Captain Shang on Mulan, the hottest animated guy character ever, at least until Flynn Rider showed up. Your layouts look cute! Tell Emma that not every layout can be pink, 'cause then the other colors feel left out and depressed. Which is why I painted my house blue and pink and purple and green and tan.