Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our 28th Anniversary

Rick and I met in the 9th grade, which was in 1976. We quickly became friends. In fact, he was my best friend in high school. We started dating in our senior year, which was 1980. Here's a little stroll down memory lane!
Senior Prom, 1980

Wedding, 1983 (This is our favorite wedding photo!)

10th Anniversary, 1993

20th Anniversary, 2003

Just a photo that we love, 2010

Another one we love, 2011

Of course, Miss Emma had something to say about all of this. I told her that today is our anniversary. She asked what that meant so I explained it to her. Then she wanted to know how many anniversaries we've had, so I told her this is our 28th, that we've been married even longer than her mommy has been alive. Her Response: "Wow, Giffy, that's a REALLY LONG time!" She walked over to our favorite wedding photo (the one above, which we have framed and is in our family room), looked at it and said, "Is that why you and Papa look so different now?" From the mouths of babes, LOL!

Despite the fact that we look very different now, the fairy tale continues...

Happy anniversary, Rick~I love you!


Tanya said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved hearing your love story=)

Christy Lynn said...

Aww, such a cute collection of photos :) And who's that blonde chick in the first one? ;)

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary,
To my favorite couple,
Love you both <3