Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Baaaack...

 ...and I'm in one piece! Ha ha! I know my mama always worries that I will do something goofy or adventurous and get hurt. Okay, so she's not too wrong, but I enjoyed vacation despite being myself. LOL I am working on my 200+ photos, and I'll try to get some posted tomorrow. In the meantime, here are two moments from today. 

First, the kids, Emma, and I went to Honeypot Hill, a local produce farm. This farm has a few animals as well. Emma loves the pigs and the goats because she gets to feed them. Anyway, the piglets have new homes. Emma noticed that the homes "aren't right because first it was the straw house, then the stick house, then the brick house!" Too funny!
My birthday isn't until next week, but my boys won't be here. (Keaton goes back to CA tomorrow, and Brennan goes on Saturday.) I don't get to see them very often; thus, the best gift they can give me is their time. So they took me out for lunch today. We went to Armsby Abbey, a "farm-to-table" restaurant meaning that everything they serve is locally grown and they only use fresh ingredients. The boys each tried a locally brewed beer and had sandwiches. I had a scrumptious dish: hummus, feta cheese, almonds, crostini (toasted artisan bread slices), pitas, and Greek olives. I will definitely be going back!
Of course, the best part was spending time with my baby boys. Thank you, Keaton and Brennan. Your mama loves you!

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arlene said...

Sooo happy you enjoyed your vacation and got to spend some time with your "babies". Your lunch sounds heavenly some of my favorite foods. Maybe we'll have to go there for lunch when we FINALLY get together.

We NEED to set a date, your birthday marks the Waaaay to long mark. I'll email you this week.