Friday, August 5, 2011

Emma's New 'Do

For several weeks, Emma has been asking Mommy to let her cut her hair to her shoulders. Emma hates having her combed out. So Emma and Mommy went for haircuts the other day, and I think Emma looks adorable! (I'm sure that shocks you, ha ha.) Emma was also treated to a Happy Meal, which came with a Smurf toy. Here she is, showing off her toy and her new 'do.
Emma loves her hair! She told me that she likes the way it swings when she turns her head. 

Brittany and Emma saw the new Smurfs movie and said it was awful. I guess the Smurfs have some kind of big fight in the end and that upset Emma. 

Anyway, happy Friday, and I hope you have a good hair day! 


Lori said...

She looks so adorable with her new haircut. I am so happy that she likes it too.

Christy Lynn said...

I chopped all my hair off in Okinawa and I'm now growing it back out 'cause I can't STAND to have hair in my face, so it's just easier to have it long enough to all go in a ponytail. But Emma looks happy with her new 'do!