Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emma's Crabby Bear

I never stitched bears for June or July. I was busy working on that large summer bear for Emma. I figure I can make June and July bears for her next year. Anyway, I am back on track and just finished her August bear. 
Emma loves to go to the beach and play with the little crabs. A few years ago, she found a small one and named him "Crabby." Every year, she goes back to the same spot and finds Crabby. (I am quite sure that the original Crabby has moved on, but she always manages to find one that she is convinced is the original Crabby.) In fact, here she is kissing Crabby a few weeks ago!
Yeah, I know~eeeewwwwww! Yet at the same time, it's totally adorable. :) I am pretty sure the whole reason she wanted this particular bear is because of the crab. 

I have been on a scrapbooking frenzy. I've actually accomplished a lot. Yet somehow the pile waiting to be done keeps getting bigger. Just like the laundry and the dishes, somehow my photos are reproducing. Ha ha! I hope to get more layouts done today and then photograph them all so I can post them. I have an entire day to be crafty~yippee!

Happy Tuesday!


arlene said...

I love, love, love this bear. It is definitely my favorite (so far), but then again I may be a little biased with the whole mask & snorkel thing.

Totally agree with the grossness of kissing crabby, (though I'm sure we did things like that too back in the day)

Glad your scrapping is moving along, hope you're feeling better and we can get together for your b-day.

Christy Lynn said...

Blech on kissing that crab! How does she not get pinched by her lil friend?? I think I prefer the one made out of thread, much less liable to pinchy-pinchy. Your CT turned out cute!

So I posted on your FB page that I picked out my next SQ pattern. I actually bought the pattern this morning since I needed some floss labels for my butterfly fair (I bought labels once but somehow got the ones for the smaller version of the pattern, and apparently the symbols are different so I bought another set). That pattern is bigger than any of the ones I've already started. I must be crazy!!!

Off to do something crafty. I think it's time to get back with the baby books. Hope you're doing well, my friend!