Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brittany's Birthday

Yesterday was my baby girl's 27th birthday. I can't believe how quickly the years have passed. After all, I was 27 just last week, LOL! Anyway, Brittany and Emma went for pedicures with some of Brittany's friends. We happened to have four tickets to last night's Red Sox game. We went to pick up the girls and surprised Brittany with a little celebration first. I made her a fresh peach pie, which she loves! After all, what's a birthday without a yummy treat and candles? We had planned to eat dinner at the game, so I told Emma we were being silly and having a "backwards dinner," starting with dessert first! She thought that was fun. 
Then it was time for presents. Emma made this card for Mommy. She used all of her favorite stickers.
Last Christmas, we started a Pandora charm bracelet for Brittany. Emma loves to choose charms for her mommy. For her birthday, Emma choose a green glass bead with hearts~green is Brittany's favorite color and the hearts are because Emma loves her mommy so much. The other charm is a really cute cow. Why a cow? Well, Brittany takes Emma to a local farm/petting zoo called Davis' Farm. Emma loves to get in the pens and pet, brush, and feed the animals. Last summer, she was bottle feeding a calf named Lucy. Lucy chugged down the bottle and then spit up as any baby would~right onto Emma's feet and into her shoes. It didn't bother Emma one bit! Thankfully Emma was wearing Crocs so Brittany just hosed off Emma's feet and shoes. Emma still cannot stop talking and laughing about "Lucy, the cow that threw up hot throw up in my shoes." So Emma chose the cow charm so that "Mommy never forgets about silly Lucy." As if Brittany would ever forget that, LOL!
This is the card I made for Brittany. I actually copied a sample that my friend and SU demonstrator, Christy, had sent me. I used SU's Fabulous Florets. I stamped and embossed the flower, then colored it with watercolor crayons. It was really fun and surprisingly easy.
 Brennan and Keaton chipped in with us to buy Brittany an iPad. She was beyond thrilled! Of course, so is Emma. She plays on mine all of the time. I wonder if Brittany will ever get to use hers...
 Here I am with my favorite girls~ready to rumble at Fenway Park!
 Emma was sooooo excited!
I was excited, too. I've never seen Tim Wakefield pitch in person. He's a famous knuckleball pitcher. It was so cool to watch him!
 One of Emma's favorite things about Fenway Park is the food. She ate a huge hot dog after having eaten a piece of pie.
 Emma had fun wearing my favorite Red Sox hat. It looks so much cuter on her than it does on me.
 Just so you know, this is Emma's "Red Sox are #1" finger!
 Apparently the pie and hot dog weren't enough. Emma also ate a soft pretzel followed by cotton candy! I seriously don't know how it all fit into her tiny little belly.
 Emma chose blue cotton candy so that she could have a Smurf tongue.
 She also wanted a picture of her Smurf teeth!
 Mommy bought Emma a new Red Sox hat. It had to be pink, of course.
 Papa gave Emma a ride back to the car. Emma adores her Papa. So do I. :)
As if all of this weren't enough, the game was AWESOME!!! The score was tied at three. Several innings went by without any runs. Fast forward to the the bottom of the ninth inning. We had two outs and no one on base. Jacoby Ellsbury (Brittany's favorite Red Sox player) stepped up to the plate and hit a solo home run for the walk-off win! It was so totally awesome!!! Brittany is quite sure that Jacoby knew it was her birthday and won just for her. I jokingly told Rick, "Well, I guess that Jacoby just outdid the iPad." Brittany responded, "I'm pretty sure my relationship with my iPad will last much longer than my relationship with Jacoby Ellsbury!" LOL

What a perfect end to a perfect day!

Happy Thursday!

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Christy Lynn said...

Man, I'm behind with my blog comments. Happy birthday to Brittany, looks like you guys had a perfect evening out with the Sox! I like to go to the occasional baseball game, although I do admit that one time when I was younger I brought a book with me to one...Nancy drew was more interesting at the time than baseball :)