Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bermuda, Here We Come (aka Emma on the Cruise Ship)

Monday and Tuesday were all about Emma and the pool. She loves the pool. We took shifts with her and she still outlasted all five of us. After four or five hours in the pool each day (including cool and cloudy weather which was not conducive to getting an "I went on vacation to a tropical island and brought home a tan" tan), we were thankful for the heavy downpours. It was the only was we could get Emma out of the water! Of course, it also made the ship rock a bit, so maybe we shouldn't have hoped for an escape after all. Gotta be careful what you wish for, huh? Anyway, here's Miss Emma having a blast at the pool.
Playing with Uncle Brennan's sunglasses...
...and my hat.
When we finally escaped from the pool, we entertained ourselves with a whole bunch of nothing, which is perfect when you're on an R&R vacation. Emma drew a portrait of the three girls.
She loved sitting in the windows!
There was a "cupcake decorating" party for the kids. The cupcakes were kind of lame~just leftover muffins from breakfast~but not a single kid cared. For them, it was all about the heaps of frosting and candy and fruit punch that they were given. 
Yup, that's a bran muffin with frosting and jelly beans. Umm, yuck. But Emma loved every bite.
Each night, our assistant server brought Emma a super fancy glass of chocolate milk and he turned the straw paper into a heart for her. It was so sweet! 
About Hurricane Irene: yes, we are going to get hit by her, but we should only get very high winds and very heavy rain. We've moved all of the outdoor stuff indoors. We're stocked up on water and food and supplies. We'll just hunker down tomorrow and enjoy the last day of summer. What a way to celebrate, huh? Our prayers go out to Rick's sister who lives with her kids in Locust Valley, NY. The eye of the hurricane is expected to pass directly over her. She's well prepared and a Red Cross evacuation center is set-up at the kids' school right down the street from her. I'll keep you posted. 

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. Hope your weather is better than mine!


Christy Lynn said...

I'm with Emma when it comes to frosting. Mmm, frosting! Hope that you guys are doing fine and didn't get much of a hurricane. We got rained on several times this weekend but nothing too bad...and it's bright blue skies out right now!

arlene said...

Love the sunglasses & hat photos of Emma. It's a good thing you could all take turns in the pool and no one had to get too water logged.

Hope you fared well with the storm. Other than the close call with my car not much too exciting. Luckily the boat survived without incident considering the way the Marina decided to 'rearrange" all the work people had done.

Stay dry & safe, I'll talk to you soon.