Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Aboard!

I don't know what was up with Blogger yesterday, but it kept replacing my photos with black boxes. Thankfully it's cooperating this morning. I can't go too long without posting or else my mama gets upset. I thought of making fake posts~you know, pretending I was someone else who had hijacked my blog~just to see if she actually reads what I write or if she just shows up for the bazillion photos of Emma. But then I decided that it would hurt my feelings if A) she really does show up just for photos of Emma (but really, who could blame her because Emma is so freaking adorable and no I am not the least bit biased) or B) she liked the fake blogger better. So I guess I'll just leave things as they are. (Yes, Mom, this is a test to see if you are reading the words or just gazing at Emma's photos, ha ha ha ha ha!)

A week ago Sunday we began our journey to Bermuda. It started out with a 4-hour drive to NYC (the ship left from Bayonne, NJ which is just across the river from NYC). Towards the end of the drive, it poured. Little did we know that pouring rain would be our forecast for the next week. 

Anyway, on our way to the ship we stopped to view the Statue of Liberty. The photos aren't great because of the rain, but at least I got my dry lazy self out of the car to take them. 
It POURED as we unloaded our luggage and embarked on the ship. But we were deliriously happy because we were going to Bermuda and really, what's a little rain? (Said quite sarcastically because, in retrospect, this rain was NOTHING compared to what we got in Bermuda!) Rick and I had a cabin with a balcony, and the kids had two cabins directly across the hall. Here we are huddled on our balcony as we pulled out of port. It's a good thing Keaton is so tall and has arms long enough to take a decent self portrait. :)
One of the perks of having a balcony cabin was that our cabin steward brought us fresh fruit each morning and a plate of hor'dourves each afternoon. We gave the hor'dourves to the kids (a lot of them were fish which I can't eat). Here's Emma trying caviar  for the first time (eeewwwwwww~even the name is disgusting). She loved it! I thinks she's probably the only 4-year-old in history to like caviar. 
This was our view of NYC as we pulled out of port.
And here's Miss Emma waving goodbye to it!
Here are my beautiful girls with NYC in the background.
I've always heard of the Staten Island Ferry (mostly on Law & Order of course, to which I am hopelessly addicted) but I had never seen it. Guess I can check this off of my bucket list. No, wait, I think I wrote a gondola in Venice on my list, not the Staten Island Ferry. My mistake. Maybe I should add the ferry to my list and then check it off. At least I would feel like I accomplished something, ha ha!
That evening, Emma was so excited that we both wore "flowery" shoes.
The food on the cruise ship was actually quite good. They had a "permanent" menu which was available every day, as well as a daily "special" menu. Emma rarely orders anything from a kid's menu. Usually, she and Brittany share an entree. The kid's menu on the cruise was typical: chicken nuggets, PB&J, mac & cheese, etc. Emma was not the least bit interested. She wanted "grown up" food. To her delight, salmon was on the "permanent" menu. She literally ordered it every night. Check out her face when she saw how big her piece of salmon was. 
Emma loves to play Hide and Seek. After dinner, she had the bright idea of playing it in our cabin. There were only so many places to hide so we had to be creative. Brennan hid in the trash can...
...Keaton hid behind the chair...
and Miss Emma claimed the closet (she's the only one who could fit).
Exciting stuff, huh? Well, we were on vacation and that made even a silly game of Hide and Seek all the better. Besides, we hadn't all been together since Christmas, so we were happy to just be a family.

This is totally off of the subject, but it is sooooo funny that I have to post it! This was Brittany's Facebook status this morning: "Emma taking a shower: 'Mommy, how old are you when your chest balloons get blowed up because I really don't want those.' Saving that one for her wedding toast." I am still doubled over with laughter! And now I'll know if anyone actually reads my blah blah blahing.

Have a happy day! I'll go upload some more photos for tomorrow. 


Christy Lynn said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time, although I am with you--I won't eat stuff that used to live in the ocean, so no caviar or fish for me! And I agree with Emma, I don't want chest balloons either but at this point I think I'm just stuck with 'em.

Tanya said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun time! Loved the hide 'n seek pix=) And Emma's face and the sight of her salmon...adorable!!! Died laughing at the chest balloons!!! I had to share it with hubs who also died laughing! Kids say the funniest things!

Lori said...

Chest Balloons. Lol. She comes up with the cutest things to say.