Friday, July 29, 2011

This One's for the Girls

Brittany will hate that title. It's the name of a Martina McBride song, and she's not a fan. She thinks Martina McBride is way too peppy, just like Denise Austin is in her exercise DVDs. I agree about Denise Austin (though I wish I had enough pep to do her workouts) but I like Martina McBride. And since it's my blog, I can use any title I want. Sorry, Britt. :)

Last November, my sweet SIL, Kristin, visited for a "girlfriend" get-away. We took Brittany and Emma for pedicures, went to a Melissa Shirley class at my local stamping/scrapbooking store, went to several yummy restaurants, and took the girls to tea. We even managed to squeeze in some crafting time. The only bummer of the trip is that I came down with bronchitis and was really sick while she was here. Still, I managed to plug along like The Little Engine That Could. Then I ended up with pneumonia and became the Little Engine That Shouldn't Have.  Still, we had a lot of fun!

I am still struggling with getting good photos of my layouts. I just haven't found a spot with good lighting, but you'll get the idea. The title on this layout actually shows up quite well, but it's hard to see in the photo.
This was Emma's first pedicure~she was hesitant at first, but as soon as they started massaging her little feet she was hooked! Now every once in awhile she tells me that her "heels are dry and could really use a pedicure!" Her mommy gives her pedicures at home, too. I don't know how she paints those tiny little toenails. I can barely see them! 
Kristin taught Emma the proper way to drink tea with your pinky extended. Emma had fun practicing~it was soooo cute!
(SU Simply Scrappin' Tea Time, Pink Pirouette, Early Espresso, and Lucky Limeade; Cricut Storybook)

Yes, I did see my doctor yesterday. My mama told me I was old and foolish. Brittany threatened to kidnap me using zip ties and duct tape. Christy kinda sorta yelled at me from "across the pond," (she's in England, and she didn't really yell~she typed in all capitals which is sort of like yelling via the internet), and Rick asked me to go ever so sweetly. None of them knew that I already had an appointment, but it was nice to feel loved even though they were all being bossy, ha ha! Well, I have bronchitis. The last two times I've had it it has turned into pneumonia, so I PROMISE (an internet yell because I've lost my voice) that I will take care of myself. Not only do I not want pneumonia, but now I am afraid of all of you! Hee hee!

Have a wonderful day!

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Christy Lynn said...

Hey, I virtually yelled at you in a modified Shakespearean quote from England, I should get extra points from The Bard for that. Or not. Feel better soooooon!