Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girls' Trip, Part 3

The second half of our full day at Story Land was perfect. The weather cooperated and Emma was a real trooper even though it was her second day in a row without a nap. (Of course, the 8 million pounds of Jelly Bellies I bought probably kept her awake and energized, LOL!) Here are my two beautiful girls.
I just can't get enough hugs from this little girl!
Yes, I was brave and went on a flying whale ride. No, my face did not match my shirt when it was over~thankfully I ate a very small lunch.
Then we hit the "water park" which was really more of a "water parking lot." Not a whole lot to do there other than stand in front of squirting coral, which was absolutely fine with Emma. She loves to get wet!
I like this photo just becuase it shows her ponytail in motion. What can I say~I like every photo of Emma!
See? The wetter the better!
In the middle of the park, they have an ice pole that you can hug to cool you. I saw a kazillion little kids LICKING the ice pole. There was NO WAY I was touching that thing~ick!
I love this candid shot. They were in line for Emma's favorite ride (the Turtle Twist, aka the You're-going-to-turn-as-green-as-this-turtle-and-hurl-all-over-yourself ride). Seriously, it stopped several times to let people who weren't feeling well disembark. Brittany was brave~she rode that thing twice. I was with the other grandmas on a bench, and happily so.
Emma also loved "Bamboo Chutes," aka a good, old-fashioned log ride. This is also where I had a mini-meltdown. I'll explain below.
Here's their splash!
LOVE the look on Brittany's face!
I caught their first ride on video.
So, regarding that meltdown: As I was standing near the rail to shoot photos of Brittany and Emma on the log ride, the woman next to me (significantly younger than me, I admit) and I both waved at our families in their logs. Now, this woman has 4, yes FOUR kids under the age of 4. Yet, when she waved her arm, nothing out of the ordinary happened. No saggy skin flapped in the air. No unexpected weather advisory was issued for the sudden shift in wind caused by her turkey waddle arms. No one near her thought, "Oh my word, those are a public safety hazard! Put them AWAY!" Not so when I waved. I suddenly realized that I have REALLY old lady arms, as in so old that Al Roker will be calling me any day to wish me a happy 100th birthday. Not that I should be surprised by that, as body parts are failing at an alarming rate, ha ha. Still, these waddles have GOT to go!


See what I mean?

Back to Story Land. Remember how Cinderella touched Emma's hand earlier in the day? As we were exiting the park, we ran into Cinderella. She graciously posed for a picture. This totally made Emma's day! This also meant that Emma could safely wash the hand that Cinderella had touched because now we had a photo!
On Friday, we strolled through town and did some shopping. Our favorite place was called the Cupcakery. It sold about 10 different flavors of cupcakes. Surprisingly, Emma wanted a carrot cake cupcake because it had cream cheese frosting. Brittany and I shared a Snickerdoodle cupcake. Oh. My. Gosh. Enough said. But I think you'll agree that Emma totally enjoyed hers as well!
As we were leaving town, Brittany saw these statues and exclaimed, "Look, Mom! They made statues of us!" Guess all those Jelly Bellies and cupcakes took their toll. I think I see some turkey waddles, too. LOL
So, the final lessons I learned on Days Two and Three of our girls' trip: 1) Turkeys are ugly and so are my arms. Hand weights are my new BFFs. 2) I do not like being immortalized in concrete. LOL 3) I don't know what it is about cupcakes, but I love them. That's why I never make them. Although whisking the batter by hand may help my waddles. 4) Brittany really is a fabulous mom. She actually parents her child. I am so proud of her. 5) This is the second year in a row that we've gone on a girls' trip. I think it needs to be an annual tradition. A tradition with no barfy rides and less Jelly Bellies, of course.

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arlene said...

Love the coral reef - But Emma having fun is all that matters and spending time on girls vacation is what makes it.

Don't know who you're trying to kid. Those statues look nothing like you, you look fabulous. You've been very inspiring with what you've accomplished. No meltdowns necessary. You spent time with your girls and loved every minute of it. I think the idea of the annual tradition of girls trip is fabulous. Though I have to agree the icky pole should be left out.

Talk soon - HUGS!