Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Girls' Trip, Part 2

Just because I wanted to do something silly and fun with Emma, I decided that our first stop should be the candy store, where we spied a kazillion different flavors of Jelly Bellies. What a cool Giffy am I to buy the kid candy right after breakfast?! There was literally a wall of Jelly Bellies, all sorted by flavor in large plastic bins. All I had to do was hold my bag beneath the chute and pull out the handle. Sounds easy, huh? Apparently it is for most people. It certainly was for Brittany and Emma. Not so much for me. I faced a dilemma: either hold the bag with my bad hand (my right one, of course, and I am right-handed) and risk dropping Jelly Bellies all over the floor, or use my bad hand to pull the handles. I figured the latter was a better idea. So there I was, gleefully choosing my flavors (my favorite is definitely Toasted Marshmallow) and pulling the handles. I was frustrated that every time I pulled a handle, a mound of Jelly Bellies about an inch high went into my bag. Multiply that by the 6 flavors I wanted to try, and that makes for one BIG bag of Jelly Bellies. And you can't put them back once they're in your bag (which is a good thing or I would be way too germaphobic to buy them in the first place). It annoyed me that the silly little handles were kind of a scam, as they made you buy way more than you wanted. Then I saw Brittany's bag and Emma's bag. Apparently, they knew how to barely tug on the handles so that only a sampling of each flavor tumbled out instead of a lifetime supply like I had. Once again, I was outsmarted by a four-year-old. Bottom line: I spent $20 on Jelly Bellies! I enjoyed my sampling and hid the rest from myself so that my boys can devour them when they're here in August. But the three of us did ride a sugar high all day. :)

Remember this? "There was a crooked man, And he went a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence Against a crooked stile, He bought a crooked cat, Which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together In a crooked little house." Well, here's his house. Sadly, there was no sign of the crooked man, crooked cat, or crooked mouse. They would have been fun to see.
Here's Emma driving an old-fashioned car. Papa has promised her his Porsche (much to her mother's chagrin), so she'd better learn to keep her eyes on the road! LOL
Ha ha~love the speed limit!
Here's the legendary Humpty Dumpty. The nursery rhyme is kind of freaky. I mean, he ended up falling off of that wall and had a great fall, and then he broke into a kazilion pieces which could not be reassembled. I didn't think I should read this sign to Emma.
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With Silver Bells and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row." Okay, Mistress Mary is cute but Emma is definitely the beautiful one in the photo! Just sayin'...
I love to see unfurled flags, so I couldn't resist taking this shot.
This is an old-fashioned schoolhouse. I sincerely hope that none of my 3rd grade students (now high school and college students) remember me with such a puckered face!
Here's Emma obeying the posted rule of "No talking during class." There is no way she will ever be able to do this in real life, ha ha! And really, why would anyone want her to do so? Her voice is like that of an angel. And no, I am not even a teensy weensy bit biased.
Here's Little Miss Muffet sitting on her tuffet. Pretty sure Emma would never eat curds and whey, but she did like the spider.
Here she is checking out Chicken Little's house, which was not that impressive since our next door neighbors actually have a chicken coop. We don't have property fences here, so we see the chickens pretty much every day. Though these chickens do have a pretty fancy coop. My neighbor's chickens would be jealous.
Emma in Wonderland.
They're a little but hard to see, but there are actually three pigs in this photo.
And here are their houses.
In case you've ever wondered, this is where the Three Billy Goats Gruff live.
And here's the troll that lives under their bridge.
In the back of the park, Cinderella and Prince Charming live in their castle.
To get there, you ride in a pumpkin coach.
As we were waiting in line for the coach, Cinderella came by and informed us that she and Prince Charming would not be in their castle because it was their lunch break. Hmm...I guess the Disney Princesses aren't anorexic after all and really do eat lunch, LOL. I wasn't able to get a photo, but she touched Emma's hand. Emma was delighted! She made me take a photo of the hand that Cinderella touched!
Cinderella's glass slipper was on display in her castle. I totally didn't get it, because I saw her wearing two glass slippers. Emma explained that in the movie, the wicked stepmother tripped the king's helper and he dropped the glass slipper and it broke. Then Cinderella came downstairs with the other glass slipper. So, obviously, this must be the one Cinderellla had in her pocket. Apparently her Fairy Godmother made her a whole new pair to wear everyday. So there you go~mystery solved.
Emma even got to sit on Cinderella's throne! I think it's funny that Prince Charming didn't have a throne. Guess we know who rules that royal roost.
Things I learned on Day Two of our girls' trip: 1) Emma likes to sleep upside down on the bed. She also like to kick her legs in her sleep. It's a miracle I didn't end up with a black eye! LOL 2) I should never be allowed to buy bulk candy. Never. 3) Jelly Bellies can be consumed much more quickly than one would think. 4) "We pride ourselves on our clean restrooms" is a statement widely open to interpretation. 5) Humpty Dumpty is kind of creepy even without his rhyme. 6) Emma was, in fact, born to be a princess. Guess that makes Brittany the Queen and me the Queen Mother. Maybe I should start wearing fascinators.

That's it for today. I'll finish up tomorrow. Happy Tuesday and thanks for visiting!

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arlene said...

That's too funny about the jellies, I can never work those bulk bins either try a flour one @ Whole Foods and watch what happens. I do no make a pretty casper.

I'm so loving the pictures and Emma having a grand old time. Who are you kidding, Brittany can't wait until Emma gets the Porsche I'm sure she'll share.

Are you heading to CA this summer again? If not we are DEFINITELY planning a date for your birthday.