Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls' Trip, Part 1

Last week, my two favorite girls and I went to Glen, New Hampshire for several days. It was only a 3-hour drive. Never heard of Glen? It's a tiny town near the White Mountains, home to several ski resorts, home to no less than 15 pizza places, and, most importantly to Emma, home to Story Land (think Six Flags for little kids). The park is centered around old-timer story/nursery rhyme characters~the ones I remember from my childhood such as Humpty Dumpty, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, etc. You get the idea. I'm pretty sure that the park has some sinister marketing people who stick all of this old stuff in there to make the grandparents feel sentimental. And since it's a grandma's DUTY to spoil her grandchild, the spoil-meter spikes to the top when said grandma is feeling sentimental. But no worries~I saved myself from myself and am proud to say that I did not buy Emma the 4-foot tall Humpty Dumpty. But I digress...

The policy at Story Land is that if you enter after 3 PM, you get a free ticket to return another day within a year. So we arrived @ 3:30 on Wednesday. Emma was ready to rumble as soon as we passed through the gate!
Emma posing as a Boston-Red-Sox-loving Heidi.
Here's Heidi's grandfather and the cabin where they lived.
This is a giant cuckoo clock with a teacup ride inside. I have no idea what the storybook connection is. All I know is that I am definitely too old to ride the spin-around-and-around-and-around-until-you-barf rides. I loved them as a kid, but now not so much. (When I was a kid, I always wondered why my parents would just sit on the benches at Disneyland instead of ride the awesome, speed-of-lightning-fast, twirly rides. Now I know: it's because they preferred having their breakfast/lunch/dinner remain on the inside.) That's when it's nice being the grandma and not the mommy. Brittany was forced to hold her breakfast down while I sat on a bench and leisurely digested as I watched them spin. Emma got off squealing about how awesome it was; Brittany was a slight shade of green.
Brittany was all smiles before the spinning began!
Somehow, after the stomach-churning teacup ride, Emma wanted ice cream. According to her thumb, it was delicious!
This sign made me laugh.
Can you see the three different sized fishing poles? Too cute!
Christy this one's for you! Even at Story Land, I managed to take a photo that included both tree branches and a water reflection. Ta da! I think it's cool to see the roller coaster track reflected on the water. BTW, I love roller coasters. They're totally awesome, as long as they don't spin in circles. We rode this one several times.
Emma, of course, loved "milking" (more like "watering") this cow. Brittany's comment: "Ewwwww...."
I have absolutely no idea whom Emma is supposed to be in this photo. I didn't write it down because I thought, "Duh, of course I'll remember who this is." Well, yeah, DUH. I have no idea. But at least I know it's Emma! Ha ha!
And I know this is Brittany.
And this is some old lady posing as me. I'd admit it was me if I hadn't almost face planted trying to stand back up (stupid, old creaky knees). So no, it's not me.
Here we are on a flying Dutch shoe. Remember this nursery rhyme? "Wynken, and Blynken, and Nod, one night, Sailed off in a wooden shoe. Sailed on a river of crystal light, Into a sea of dew." I totally do not remember that nursery rhyme. That's because either A) I am too young to have ever heard it or B) it's ridiculous. I choose A! Besides, if I had I known it as a child I surely would have asserted that their names were weird, shoes don't fly, and why would anyone want to sail on dew? That aside, it was a fun ride! Emma liked making it go up and down quickly. Thank goodness it flew slowly!
Just because I like this shot...
...and this one, too.
This is Story Land's version of a ferris wheel, which was just fine with me. I am not fan of ferris wheels. In fact, the first time I could bring myself to ride was only 5 years ago at the age of 44! (And yes, I survived that ride, but it did involve some minor hyperventilating, a LOT of nervous laughter from both me and my girlfriend Lesly, and a sprint to the Ladies room when it was over!) This one I could handle...
...mostly because this was my view. Aww!
By the time our ride was over, the skies had changed from blue with some friendly-looking white clouds to this menacing sky. Since we could get in for free the next day, we decided to hightail it out of there. Good decision~5 minutes after we got in the car, there was a torrential downpour with lots of thunder and lightning,
After this, we had a nice dinner and returned to the hotel. All in all, a nice day!

Lessons I learned on Day One: 1) Never wear your favorite, old, almost-worn-out flip flops to a theme park. My feet hated me after just a few hours. 2) I hate humidity. I hate sweating. I hate having humidity-induced sweat puddles in my bra. Enough said. 3) Emma really is as cute as I think she is!

I'l be back tomorrow with Part 2. Happy Monday!


arlene said...

OMG - talk about childhood memories. We used to go to storyland & santa's village EVERY year when we were real little. I think I have some of those exact same pictures with me about Emma's age.

So glad you enjoyed your girls weeknd, though I'm sure you would have preferred another trip to Mystic.

Christy Lynn said...

Looks like you gals had a great time! Didja get your Nursery Times stamps yet? I'm planning to use those for the baby books I'm doing, January I think. There are some months that are hard for me to come up with themes for because they don't have the obvious things like Halloween or Christmas, etc. For someone with no kids and no interest in having any in the near future, I do have a LOT of baby/kid stamps :)