Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Giffy & Papa

Last week, Brittany attended a conference at the Holocaust Museum in D.C., so Emma got to spend five days with Giffy and Papa. I did not spoil her. Not even a teensy weensy little bit. Really. We hardly did anything...

On Tuesday, we pretty much played all day. I got her the Polly Pocket (small, 4" dolls) version of Rapunzel and her tower. Emma is all about Rapunzel right now, and who can blame her? I love that movie! She even performed the song that makes Rapunzel's hair glow.
We got pedicures on Wednesday.
On Thursday, story and craft time at the library was followed by ice cream for lunch. Yes, I am a cool Giffy! In fact, Emma's exact words were, "Ice cream for lunch? You rock, sistah!" LOL
At Emma's request, Friday was movie day. We started out with the new Winnie the Pooh movie in the theatre, complete with horribly-bad-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious popcorn. That afternoon we watched Stuart Little, and that evening we watched Gnomeo and Juliet with Papa. That small bag of popcorn lasted the whole day!
On Saturday, we went to the Museum of Science in Boston. Emma loved it because she got to touch things to her heart's content. She had no idea that the swings were a pendulum lesson, she just loved swinging.
Her favorite part was the butterfly garden. We stayed in there for 30 minutes hoping one would land on her but that didn't happen, so I took photos of her favorites.
Check this out~it looks like a leaf!
These are called Mahogany Moths. That's right, MOTHS! They were huge, but actually very cool. There was a young woman in the butterfly garden (early 20's) and she was totally freaking out, especially when she saw these!
Emma and the T-Rex.
She was quite intriqued with the T-Rex's footprint.
Emma's favorite dinosaur, the Triceratops.
Here's a funny story: Emma is concerned that when we break eggs open we may someday find a chick inside. So every time we would buy eggs, she wanted to know if there would be chicks in them. Her mommy explained to her that we can only buy eggs that DO NOT have chicks inside them. Emma wasn't convinced~she wanted to know how that can be true. So Mommy told her that after a girl chicken lays an egg, a boy chicken does a special "chicken dance" over the egg and that's what makes the egg turn into a chick. If the egg is taken away before a boy chicken does the "chicken dance," then the egg can never have a chick inside. All of the eggs in the grocery stores come from farms without boy chickens, so the eggs are all safe to eat. Rick and I almost died when Emma first told us! Too funny! Anyway, at the museum, there were about two dozen eggs in an incubator, with four chicks in a plexiglass cage next to them. Of course, there were a kazillion kids and parents looking at the chicks. Emma piped up, "Giffy, are those eggs turning into chicks?" We quickly diverted her attention to avoid having her share her wealth of information about the egg fertilization process. I half expected her to do the "chicken dance" as we walked away! LOL I posted this not too long ago, but in case you missed it here's Emma's "chicken dance."
And then it was off to the airport. As soon as Emma spotted her mommy, she ran across the room with her arms out saying, "Mommy!!!!!" It was soooo cute!
Then we hit Boston's North End (aka Little Italy) for dinner, topped off with a cannoli, of course. See, I told you that I didn't spoil her. Ha ha!

Brittany brought this box for me from DC. She got it at the Natural History Museum. It's made from petrified something (Brittany forgot but is going to find out for me). I love it!
That's it for today. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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