Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Metamorphosis

Every week, I take Emma to story time at our town library. Two weeks ago, they read about caterpillars and made a little caterpillar craft. Last week, they read about and made butterflies. Emma asked me to explain how caterpillars became butterflies. Now, Emma doesn't want the standard "little kid" answer. She wants the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So I explained "metamorphosis" to Emma, telling her that something starts out as one thing, goes through a really big change, then turns out as something else. Then we talked about and looked at cocoons, etc. Fast forward to lunch later that day. We weren't even talking about caterpillars or butterflies, but all of a sudden Emma stopped eating and said, "Giffy, your house went through a metamorphosis. It started out with the old stuff, went through a really big change with new paint and new furniture, and now it looks like a completely different house. That was a HUGE metamorphosis!" She's going to find the cure for cancer next week, just so you know. :)

Anyway, onto the last few rooms. I don't have a single "before" shot of any of these rooms. But trust me when I tell you they look completely different. This is Guest Room #1 and used to be Brennan's room during high school and college. Needless to say, it never looked like this! LOL We painted the walls the same color as our family room, Nantucket Gray. (You can see the actual color swatch here.)
This is the print we won on our cruise.
This is the hope chest Rick built for me right after we got engaged at 18. It's solid oak on the outside with a cedar lining. The glass doors on the front open and were meant to house our cake topper. But the topper is handblown glass, and I still haven't put it in there because I'm afraid it will break. Anyway, it took Rick a year to design and build this~it was the first piece of furniture he ever made! He built it inside an empty bedroom in his parents' home so that I would never see it. Bless his mom and dad~they let him use power tools and have sawdust in their home for a year! This really is a beautiful piece of furniture and, of course, I am quite sentimental about it. My grandparents gave my mom a hope chest when she graduated from high school, and she handed it down to Brittany. I'll give you one guess who will end up with mine.
This room used to be a guest room, but it's a tight fit with the queen sized bed. So this became Emma's room for naps, aka Guest Room #2. The day bed has a trundle bed beneath it that pops up to a normal height. It's hard to see the color well in these pictures. It's call Alfresco by Benjamin Moore (you can see it here). I wanted to make this room look a bit "Cape Cod-y" with all of the white furniture.
Here's my Cape Cod needlepoint piece. Christy, checkout the hydrangeas! Now if only I could really own a house like this...
Here's Guest Room #3 in the basement. Our basement is not at all dungeon-like; it actually looks like it was finished with the rest of the house. It's decorated with all our leftover "lodgey" stuff from CO. I am thinking that certain girl from Montana might feel right at home in here!
Check out my super cheapo curtain rods. They're $5 fishing poles from WalMart! They hang on fish-shaped hooks with curled up tails which I found on the internet.
I still love this stained glass lamp we bought in Colorado.
The "entry hall" (or "foyer" if I want to sound fancy) wasn't changed much except for the paint color, which is now Weston Flax by Benjamin Moore (the swatch is here). The only other change was the addition of of our new painting, Vine Reflections by James Pratt. The colors are perfect for the creamy yellow walls! I really love this painting!


Amber Hight said...

Okay, I'm not sure how many girls from Montana you know *wink* but if that lodge'y room is for me, you NAILED IT! When can I move it? LOL! It totally has all the colors and the ambiance I love, warm, cozy, and inviting:) You were right, I'm hereby ENTICED!;)
The other rooms are gorgeous as well, I love the blue in the Cape Cod room and the elegance of GR#1, you have great taste, my girl:) Oh, and I adore your hope chest, that is GORGEOUS! Rick is a master, truly...

Giffysk8s said...

I only know one girl from Montana. :) And there is no way I am going to tell Rick that he is a master, LOL! Now, I think I need to make a Harry Potter room for Christy, then I get both of you to move in! :D

Amber Hight said...

LOL!!! I think if it was Harry Potter'ish or Princess Bride'ish, we'd have her in a second, lol!
Will Rick get a big head if he's called a master? LOL! Then tell him "Good work buddy, the chest is awesome", lol!

Christy Lynn said...

Hey Vicki, you could paint some stars on the walls in the blue room, put up a few Star Wars movie posters (I think I've still got some somewhere) and yep, I'd have to move in. Although a Princess Bride room would be awesome...and so would Harry Potter. Oh the possibilities! Honestly I gravitate towards the cool side of the spectrum, most of our stuff is green and blue since purple is too girly for Lee (although I got my purple craft room!) Really I'm a fan of color in general, it's just that the cool colors match all our stuff and seem to fit with us best :) Your home metamorphosis looks fantastic!

Tanya said...

What a beautiful home you have! Thank-you for sharing the pictures of the transformation!