Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Emma is suddenly into Barbies big time! I bought this inexpensive, fold-up Barbie house for her to use at my home. She took most of her toys with her when she and Brittany moved into their apartment last sumer. But since she's at my house while Brittany teaches, I simply must have a good collection of toys for her. We call them "Giffy's toys" so that I'm not spoiling her when I add to the collection. But seriously, who am I kidding? LOL So now, at 48, I get to buy myself Barbies and say it's all because of Emma. Of course, I like the ones fully dressed, which are not so easy to find. I mean seriously~does your vet where a mini skirt and pink tights to the office? I think not! But I do like dog-walker Barbie and camping Barbie. And I saw an engineer Barbie that is a must in this house! At any rate, we are having fun!
Just a cute photo of the cutest girl EVER in a cute little outfit.
This still makes me laugh! Rick was fixing the drain beneath a bathroom sink. Emma was patiently waiting for him to finish so that he could play Barbies with her. She was tired of hearing him say, "I'm almost done." (Of course the thought of having to play Barbies may have been making him dawdle!) So she decided to sit there and make him finish! Ha ha!
Emma calls these Barbies, even though they're her Princess dolls.
Oh, and I have mentioned that the Boston Bruins are the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions? Ha ha! Saw this banner in the airport three days after they won.
Rick was in Costa Rica on business a few weeks ago. He found an art gallery and, knowing I would have loved to go in and browse, he went in on my behalf. We like to decorate with things we find in other countries. In the gallery, he found this beautiful rosewood vase for our living room. I couldn't get a photo without the light spot even without a flash. Oh well, it still looks beautiful!
That's it for today. Can't wait for the weekend!

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Christy Lynn said...

Hey Miss Vicki! I have a Barbie collection, I hope it's survived being in storage for so long so we'll see in a couple more years. I have Barbie as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, an awesome Irish princess Barbie, and perhaps my very favorite MALEFICENT from Sleeping Beauty!! I love going down the Barbie aisle at Target. If I had a Target here. And y'know, I'm sure there's a real-life vet *somewhere* that wears miniskirts and hot pink tights to work, lol!

When you're in London, you should try to make time to go to the British Museum. It's so huge, you'll have to pick and choose what to go see (Ancient Greek and Egyptian exhibits were my top picks) and they have a neat gift shop with all kinds of things from all over the place. We got Lee's mom a little box made in Egypt from there since she likes Egyptian stuff.

Um, I'm writing a novel on your blog comments. But that's okay :) Have fun playing Barbies!