Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emma's Summer Bear, Phase 3

Summer's here and now I'm jammin'! I am used to getting up at 6:00 AM during the school year because Emma arrives at 6:30. Now 7:00 feels like sleeping in, and I have an early start to a long day filled with things I should be doing (like painting some closets and sorting through/cleaning out all of my old teaching stuff). Instead, I decided to spend my first week doing nothing but the things I want to do, which basically means scrapbooking, reading, playing with my dogs, and stitching while I watch the Red Sox games and rewatch The Closer DVDs in anticipation of the new season about to start. Woo hoo! Anyway, I've made a lot of progress on Emma's bear. I love the little butterfly at the bottom. I'm finishing up the border now. I should get that posted in the next few days.

As I type this, Rick is at the airport waiting to board his plane, which should have happened 20 minutes ago. The reason for the delay? One of the flight attendants overslept and hasn't yet arrived. That's a first~unbelievable!

Anyway, have an awesome day. Off I go to play. My girls are coming for a sleepover tonight. Yippee!

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Christy Lynn said...

Wow, you are making progress! I've just been working on my unmounting project, which will take a long time and be a very sticky process but I'm gonna like it in the end. That's what I keep telling myself anyway :)