Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emma's Summer Bear, Phase 2

We had a great Father's Day! I took lots of photos (174 to be exact). It was a beautiful day here, so we enjoyed some outdoor activities. As soon as I finish sorting through them, I'll get them posted.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you my progress on Emma's bear. Heres what it looked like after phase 1.
And here it is after phase 2.
Emma is thrilled with the bright colors. Right now I'm working on the flowers at her feet. I should have those done pretty quickly.

Brittany will be done with school tomorrow, and then it will be HELLO, SUMMER! I've got tons of scrapbooking and stitching projects lined up, as well as some writing projects and some traveling. I also want to hang out with Brittany and Emma, exercise more, lose 10 more pounds, and paint the closets that I should have painted last summer. Oh, and read the kazillion books on my nook as I relax on the beach. And then there's the weeds in flower bed, the heavy duty cleaning that needs to be once in awhile, and watching every Red Sox game! I'll never get it all done, of course (except for hanging out with Brittany and Emma and watching every Red Sox games, ha ha)~summer would need to last for a full year in order for that to happen! LOL
Hopefully I'll be back soon with the Father's Day pics. In the meantime, Happy Tuesday!


Amber Hight said...

Wow, that is looking so cute! I'm amazed at how fast you and Christy can stitch! It would take me 3 years to stitch that, if I didn't get frustrated and rip the canvas up, lol!!
I hope you enjoy your summer with Brittany and Emma and Rick! Hey let Brittany know that we're reading her book next month;)

arlene said...

The bear is coming out awesome, I love it. Glad to hear Father's day was a hit and it is SUMMER time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a little bit more and life would be perfect.

Your summer plans sound terrific, except you forgot one very important plan...."Your date with me" LOL!. Seriously though, if all is going well we need to plan soon.