Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easter Layout & The Bowling Tournament

These are from Easter, as I am sure you can tell by Emma's beyond-adorable bunny ears and slippers! Rick and I gave her the slippers because they match the ones we bought for Lucy, her Bitty Baby.
(CTMH Sophia, White, Hollyhock, Blush and Pear; Sophia Stickease; Hollyhock ink; Verve Everlasting Life)

I'm sure you've heard about the horrible storms that hit MA yesterday. In the morning we had a lightning storm, and two MA homes took direct hits. Late in the afternoon and until about 9:00, we were under tornado watches and warnings. Tornadoes are unusual here, but they can happen; though I've lived here 8 1/2 years and haven't seen one. These were doozies! There were 6 separate tornadoes that struck. The worst one actually stayed on the ground for 30 minutes! Can you imagine? That must have been so terrifying! Our area suffered severe thunder and lightning storms and heavy rains, but no tornadoes. And for my first time, that Emergency Alert system on the TV actually issued an "emergency alert" instead of just its monthly test. Glad to know that those annoying tests are actually good things! Poor Rick: he's in Korea and missed all of the fun!

And, as usual, there was a bright spot in the middle of the storm~the bright spot being Emma, of course! She and Brittany were at their apartment. Emma wasn't frightened at all by the storm because her Mommy told her that there was a bowling tournament happening in heaven. The thunder was the sound of the bowling balls rolling down the lanes, and every time a bowler made a strike, that caused the lightning. They spent the next fifteen minutes keeping score. Apparently the "Pretty Angel Girls" team won, LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


arlene said...

Thought of you last night when they listed the counties. Glad your area was ok too and all safe. I've lived here my whole life and never seen a tornado Thank God. Al lived in the midwest for sometime and said he hopes to never see one again.

Your layouts are beautiful as always. Miss you terribly, let me know what works for you, I have day due @ work and can use it pretty much anytime.

Christy Lynn said...

Love the pink and green, your pages are cute! I need to tidy up my craft room a bit so I can start tackling the ginormous pile of pictures I got in the mail yesterday :) Cute story about Emma and the heavenly bowling game!

Lori said...

Love it...Bowling in Heaven. So glad that nothing bad happened to you or Brittany. That must have been very scary, though. Thirty minutes is a long time for a tornado. I really feel for those who were victims of it. But, so glad you are ok. Love your layouts. That is my favorite paper pack.