Thursday, June 16, 2011

Champions and a Sunset (or maybe A Champion Sunset?)

Rick is in Costa Rica, so he has missed the last few Bruins playoff games. During the final game last night (as he was in a meeting and couldn't watch the game) I texted him the play-by plays. This was an awesome series! Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Champions 2011!!!


Okay, back to my very important blog spot. Just because I felt like taking a photo...
I really like this one~it looks like the sunset appeared out of nowhere. Cool clouds, huh?
And that's all I've got: zippo, zilch, nada, at least until I upload some photos from my camera.

Happy Thursday!



Christy Lynn said...

Lovely pictures, Vicki! I have some new ones to post but I have had NO focus this week and can't seem to get anything done. And we're picking up my dad tomorrow at the airport! Guess that means I should hurry up and clean house...

Tanya said...

Oh what beautiful photos! I love looking at your pictures, they are always amazing!