Sunday, June 5, 2011

Before & After: Living Room

Our living room shared the same "lodge" theme as did the family room, a leftover look from our Colorado home. I had always wanted a red room, and this was it! Turned out that the red had too much purple in it for my taste, even though I love purple. I wanted more of a brick/brownish red. But once we painted it (red is a PAIN to paint!), we lived with it for 7 years, 'til I got the 7-year-itch! Ha ha! We always liked this sofa and love seat, but they were in a bay window in CO and sustained some pretty bad sun bleaching. Anyway, here are the before shots:
...and here are the after shots! Again, in anticipation of possibly owning a "great room" house someday, we decided that we did not want another sofa and love seat, especially since we have that big sectional in the family room. We thought that four chairs would be easier to split up and add to other rooms if we end up without a living room. Besides, this set up makes for a really nice conversational area, and I love to read in there because the chairs are sooo comfy and the room just feels pretty. The paint is Toasted Chestnut by Benjamin Moore. It's the perfect color!

This is the view from the front door. I love the silk striped draperies!
The view into the dining room.
The view from the dining room.
This corner piece matches the bookshelf in the family room, only with doors on the top instead of just open shelves. It replaced the curio cabinet that used to be in the dining room. It's filled with special things such as our wedding cake topper, Precious Moments figurines that the kids gave to me when they were little, and other very sentimental keepsakes.
That's it for today. Off to church I go! I have a few more redo photos for tomorrow. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful Sunday!


Amber Hight said...

Oooo, this is gorgeous Vicki! I love how you have the four chairs all facing each other, it looks so cozy, I wanna bring a bottle of wine and a book over and have our book club meetings here, lol! You're home is the same colors I love, I love warm, earthy colors like browns, deep reds, *sigh*...makes me happy:)

Giffysk8s said...

Amber, we have nicknamed it our "wine and cheese" retreat. Come on over! It's the perfect nook room!

Christy Lynn said...

This room transformation looks great too, Vicki! We need to get some pictures up on the walls before I take pictures of what we've done in this house. Up until now Lee and I have lived in all-white houses (base housing mostly) so this has been a fun experiment. I think I'm a little more willing to go wild with the colors than he is, lol! I'd love to have a red room, and we considered painting one wall in our living room red, but SO much of what we have is blue or green so we stuck with that instead. Amber painted a bathroom a really pretty rich terracotta color, I loved that!