Friday, June 3, 2011

Before & After: Family Room

We have finally finished the majority of the interior redo. We still have to paint our bedroom, the laundry room, and two hallway closets, but we are soooooo tired of painting at this point that I think we will wait until the fall. Besides, now is the time to work on the yard while the weather is nice.

I know I posted photos of the family room eons ago, but we changed a few things (albeit minor ones), so I am posting a few new shots. Here are the before pics...
...and here are the after pics! The walls are painted Nantucket Gray (lots of green in it) by Benjamin Moore.
(Christy, can you spot the two boxes you sent me on this black sofa table? They're with my handblown vase from Bermuda and the box that Brennan brought me from Lebanon.)

Ta da! All done!

That's it for today. Rick is coming come tonight~yippee!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


Amber Hight said...

Wow, what a huge difference, the new room is GORGEOUS!!! I love the fireplace, it's amazing and looks so cozy! I hope to one day have a fireplace like that:)
I hear you on getting sick of painting, I painted our bedroom last year and was sick of it after that, lol! So much for painting the living room and kitchen, haha! I'm glad I didn't now, since I have to repaint it all before we move!!

Lori said...

Love it!!! You did a great job of decorating.

Christy Lynn said...

The fireplace redo looks fantastic, love the new wall color and I really like that corner shelving unit hoopydoo thing. Lee and I got one of those for ourselves last month :) Now I just need a few more things to decorate it with!

We painted our living room and I like the blue we used on the accent wall, but I'm not thrilled with the color on the other three walls. Lee *really* doesn't want to repaint in there though!

arlene said...

Love the new fireplace, very classy. The wall color is gorgeous. I think I too have had enough painting to last awhile. It's amazing the muscles you never knew you had until you start rolling paint.