Saturday, June 4, 2011

Before & After: Dining Room

Here are the before shots of our dining room. We had this dining room furniture for 23 years~it served us well. :)
We have hated this chandelier since we bought the house. We were so happy to see it go!
See this piece? We bought it as an accent piece when we moved into this house. The bottom is a really dark green (darker than it looks in this photo), and the top is a cherry color. The green was going to look okay with the new stuff, but that red top wasn't. So we had a "cap" made for it out of marble. This way we can use it as a buffet, placing hot or wet things on it. And the "cap" is just resting on top, so we can remove it if we ever want to do so.
Voila! Now it's our wine center!
We mixed the wood up a bit on the furniture. If we ever do downsize and get a "great room" house, we don't want all of the furniture to be black~that would be too dark. So we mixed some brown in here. The top of the table is a beautiful brown, and the side pieces and legs are black. The six side chairs match the tabletop, and the two end chairs are black. The upholstery has both colors in it. We have another leaf for it, too, so we can easily seat 10, 12 if we get cozy. We painted the walls Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore. Oh, and we finally have a chandelier that we love!
I love this new hutch! It displays my teacups and teapots so nicely! You couldn't see them before, as the old hutch had doors. Emma told me that we don't need to go out for "tea" anymore~we can have our own tea parties right here in "Giffy's fancy tea room!" Anyone want to join us?
In the above photo, you can see two of our new paintings. (If you want to read about the artists, click here to read my previous post about them. Scroll down past the beach photos.) Here's La Grande Cafe by James Pratt, the painting in the back left of the above photo.
And here's Antica d'Ora by Viktor Schvaiko, the one above the wine bar in the photo.
So now we want guests to come enjoy our new dining room! Reservations accepted. Casual attire. Overnight accommodations available. All major hugs and smiles accepted. :)


arlene said...

I'll come to Emma's tea party anytime. But then again with your new wine display a glass of Riesling would be fine too. Decisions, decisions???

The new dining room furniture is very pretty and I love the new chandelier.

Sending happy thoughts your way.

Christy Lynn said...

The new dining room looks great, love the new hutch and the marble top on the other bit of furniture. Wish I coulda taken the old stuff off your hands, that's kinda what I want for my craft room! Then again, a table that big wouldn't fit in my craft room...

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, we thought about putting in in the craft room (aka corner of the basement), but decided it was just too big. :( We gave it some good friends who were in love with it. :)