Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Emma is suddenly into Barbies big time! I bought this inexpensive, fold-up Barbie house for her to use at my home. She took most of her toys with her when she and Brittany moved into their apartment last sumer. But since she's at my house while Brittany teaches, I simply must have a good collection of toys for her. We call them "Giffy's toys" so that I'm not spoiling her when I add to the collection. But seriously, who am I kidding? LOL So now, at 48, I get to buy myself Barbies and say it's all because of Emma. Of course, I like the ones fully dressed, which are not so easy to find. I mean seriously~does your vet where a mini skirt and pink tights to the office? I think not! But I do like dog-walker Barbie and camping Barbie. And I saw an engineer Barbie that is a must in this house! At any rate, we are having fun!
Just a cute photo of the cutest girl EVER in a cute little outfit.
This still makes me laugh! Rick was fixing the drain beneath a bathroom sink. Emma was patiently waiting for him to finish so that he could play Barbies with her. She was tired of hearing him say, "I'm almost done." (Of course the thought of having to play Barbies may have been making him dawdle!) So she decided to sit there and make him finish! Ha ha!
Emma calls these Barbies, even though they're her Princess dolls.
Oh, and I have mentioned that the Boston Bruins are the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions? Ha ha! Saw this banner in the airport three days after they won.
Rick was in Costa Rica on business a few weeks ago. He found an art gallery and, knowing I would have loved to go in and browse, he went in on my behalf. We like to decorate with things we find in other countries. In the gallery, he found this beautiful rosewood vase for our living room. I couldn't get a photo without the light spot even without a flash. Oh well, it still looks beautiful!
That's it for today. Can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Little Papi (Big Papi is the Designated Hitter for the Boston Red Sox)

Emma's Chicken Dance

She really does rock my world!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emma's Summer Bear, Phase 3

Summer's here and now I'm jammin'! I am used to getting up at 6:00 AM during the school year because Emma arrives at 6:30. Now 7:00 feels like sleeping in, and I have an early start to a long day filled with things I should be doing (like painting some closets and sorting through/cleaning out all of my old teaching stuff). Instead, I decided to spend my first week doing nothing but the things I want to do, which basically means scrapbooking, reading, playing with my dogs, and stitching while I watch the Red Sox games and rewatch The Closer DVDs in anticipation of the new season about to start. Woo hoo! Anyway, I've made a lot of progress on Emma's bear. I love the little butterfly at the bottom. I'm finishing up the border now. I should get that posted in the next few days.

As I type this, Rick is at the airport waiting to board his plane, which should have happened 20 minutes ago. The reason for the delay? One of the flight attendants overslept and hasn't yet arrived. That's a first~unbelievable!

Anyway, have an awesome day. Off I go to play. My girls are coming for a sleepover tonight. Yippee!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day, Part 2

After we hiked around Gates Pond, Emma asked if she and Papa could play in the sprinkler. Being the AWESOME Papa that he is, Rick said yes.
Suddenly, Emma had a bright idea...
The photo of Emma squirting Rick is my favorite. Why? Because here is Brittany at the same age squirting her Grandpa (Rick's dad) on Father's Day in 1988!
Here's a short little video of Emma playing in the water.
Keaton had to return to CA the day before Father's Day. Before we took him to the airport, we went to our favorite breakfast place~yum! Keaton gave Rick his gift (which was also from Brennan): a new hydraulic car jack and an LED flashlight. Emma wanted to know how you play with them. LOL Okay, so not exciting to most girls, but Rick was thrilled. And I am thrilled that the cars won't be falling on him while he's fixing them.
Emma made her card for Papa all by herself.
She and Brittany gave him four tickets to see Cars 2, which we just saw on Saturday, and it was fantastic! She was thrilled with her gift! Ha ha!
They also gave him a Bruins T-shrt. Have I mentioned that the Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup Winners??? Just checking!
I gave Rick some Tommy Bahama clothes that he wanted as well as a bottle of his favorite wine.
Ew...I had post-hike hair, but I wanted a photo of the two of us.
Miss Emma also gave Papa a little craft book which contained all the fixin's for two race cars. They made those while Brittany and I cooked Rick's favorite dinner.
(SU The Open Sea and Something to Celebrate stamp sets; SU Nautical Expedition, Cherry Cobbler, Not Quite Navy, Basic Gray, and Very Vanilla paper; SU Early Espresso, Basic Gray, Not Quite Navy, and Cherry Cobbler ink; SU Cherry Cobbler Baker's Twine)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day, Part 1

Sunday was a perfect, beautiful New England day! For Father's Day, Rick wanted to take a picnic lunch and hike around Gates Pond which is about five minutes from our home. The two-mile trail is a fairly easy hike. As you can see, we really do live in the woods. Miss Emma was soooo excited~look at her running up the trail!
Okay, here's your warning: there will be a LOT of tree branch photos in this post! LOL Tree branches and water reflections are my favorite things to photograph. Well, Emma is my favorite thing to photograph, as if you haven't noticed that. But next to her, it's tree branches and water reflections. This was our view from our picnic spot.
And here are two even better views~they have tree branches, water reflections, AND Emma!
These don't really need captions...
Emma was really interested in a bug of some sort.
She was hoping Nemo would swim by and flap a fin at her.
I think this is a crane.
Emma wanted me to take a photo of this cool spider in its web.
It's hard to see in the photo, but this tree is completely hollow.
Looking straight up...
Check out these branches~too cool!
These rock walls are everywhere. The rocks literally float to the surface of the soil, so people just gather them and make walls and planters out of them.
This one cracks me up~Emma is using her water bottle as a phone to check with her babysitter to make sure that Lucy (her Bitty Baby) is okay!
Emma stuck out her belly and proclaimed that she ate too many peanut M&M's as we hiked!
My favorite girls!
At the end of the trail, Rick and I indulged in a water fight. (Yes, we are still two goofy high school kids in love!) We doused each other, and Emma thought it was hilarious! She begged us to douse her, too~here's the result. She said that was her favorite part of the hike.