Monday, May 16, 2011

The World According to Emma

These are all Brittany's photos, and they're too cute not to share!

Brittany popped into her school's prom so that Emma could see all of the girls in their pretty dresses. Brittany said Emma is the best prom date she ever had! LOL (I married my prom date!)
This is Emma's idea of "fancy jammies!"
Brittany took Emma to the zoo on Saturday. Here's Emma imitating the monkeys! LOL
This has nothing to do with proms or jammies or the zoo, but since this post is solely about Emma, here's a funny conversation between the two of us.

Emma: "Giiffy, I know what I really want to give you for your birthday."
Me: "Wow, you know already? My birthday isn't until the end of the summer."
Emma: "Well, I want to take you out for tea. I know you love to do that, and I love to go to tea, too."
Me: "Oh, that will be a great present, Emma! You're right, I love to go to tea with you."
Emma: "I wanted to give it to you for Mother's Day, but Mommy wouldn't let me. She said I can't give you the same present for every Mother's Day and birthday, but I think she's wrong. Oh, and Giffy, can you forget that we talked about this so that it will be a surprise on your birthday?"
Me: "Okay, Emma, I'll try to forget about it."
Emma: "You can do it, Giffy! You forget everything!"

From the mouths of babes...or at least from the mouth of this silly little monkey!


arlene said...

Yes, I've been stalking but not commenting. We finally finished moving Al's business (after six weeks) and life may soon be "normal" (whatever that may be).

All is finally good on the work front and things are coming together. Which though I know Keaton just got home we NEED to get together. But in the mean time I'll just live vicariously thru your blog. LOL!

Glad to see all is well with you and we'll talk soon. HUGS!!

Tanya said...

Oh my gawsh, that is so cute! Kids say the funniest things!